10 Items to always have in your car

1 – First Aid Kit – You will never know when you might need this and it can be purchased for your local supermarket

2- A roadside emergency kit – These kits are essential once you have broken down and on the side of the road as many of them can include safety barriers and cones to allert oncomming traffic to your emergency. These kits can also be purchased from your local automotive spare parts stockist

3 – Food and Water – If your travelling far be sure you carry enough protein bars and water as you might never know how far away help might be

4 – Baby Wipes – Not only are these great at cleaning up but are sterile as well to help stop the contamination and spread of deseases

5 – Toiletries kit – Always carry deodorant, toothbrush, toothpast, soap, dry shampoo and either a brush or a comb. This will help you keep sain and healthy

6 – Blankets – Take plenty of pillows and blankets in the case you cant find a motel you will be able to sleep in the car

7 – Cary bag – A easy to travel with bag that should include pajamas, jackets, undergarmets, extra clothes and shoes

8 – Chalkboard eraser – Beliueve it or not this can be used for many different situations and one of them would be in case you have foggy windows

9 – Cardboard – Big pieces of cardboard can be placed under your tires if your vehicle ever gets bogged and this way it will create a small amount of traction to help you get out

10 – Baking soda – A corroded battery terminal is not what you want in the middle of nowhere and some baking soda and a can of coke will remove any corrosion on your cars battery terminals

Most important of all is DRIVE SAFE … Be alert and watch for other drivers habits while on the road

Things you need before you travel

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