2015 Honda CRV paint protection melbourne

Paint protection Melbourne – 2015 Honda CRV limited edition Diesel variant

This vehicle had paint protection applied by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Only 190 ever made it to Australia – The all new Honda CRV limited edition in diesel variant. Simply the most efficient CR-V yet with a new engine and new technology to make CR-V one of the most fuel efficiency SUVs on the market.

The Bellow photos and video was after the application of paint protection Melbourne applied by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

The Honda CR-V has been cleverly designed to be both big and small. Smaller outside so you can squeeze into tight spaces with ease, but bigger inside so you can comfortably pack the family and everything they inevitably carry.


Honda’s mission seemed simple. To offer a more compact and convenient alternative to the midsize and full-size SUVs that were popular at the time. Priced competitively and offering plenty of passenger room and cargo capacity, the Honda CR-V has long enjoyed much loyalty from consumers.

The compact SUV is now offered in many different models, with many variables on what constitutes the perfect blend of size, power and capability. While some models offer more powerful upgrade engines and others have more luxurious cabin furnishings, this Honda CR-V remains focused on practicality.


Author: Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Owner and operator of Melbourne Mobile Detailing (MMD) in Melbourne for 9 years and since then MMD has grown large enough with a huge customer base to cover many other detailers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs dealing with paint protection, odour removal, sticker removal, car detailing, truck cleaning, boat/marine cleaning and aviation detailing in and around Melbourne

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