Car Detailing – More then a car wash

Car detailing – Its more then just a car wash

Melbourne Mobile Detailing is a mobile car detailing service and we really do not cater for basic car washing or cleaning. Our packages start with what we describe as a mini detail. This would be comparable to deluxe or full details at wash cafe’s. We believe that ‘car detailing’ and ‘car washing’ are separate objectives. The attention to detail in our service requires a minimum time frame of approx 1½ hrs for a inside and out car clean.

We are not big fans of listing a low basic package price and having a thousand optional addons either. We believe that a car detail is a comprehensive package and if you are unsure if something is included just ask us, chances are it probably is!

We also understand that everybody has different budgets and goals for a good car detail thats why we are happy to develop a unique package for your individual needs. If you don’t require the engine bay cleaned or want a protective sealant applied, we are happy to mix and match.

Paint looking a bit faded or dull?

No dramas, we are an expert paint correction specialist and can safely polish all automotive finishes. Being a fully mobile service we can professionally machine polish your car anywhere in Brisbane. Our comprehensive in-house training program ensure our detailers use industry best practise techniques to bring back that mirror finish.

Using a combination of rotary and random orbital machine polishers you can rely on Melbourne Mobile Detailing to produce a brilliant shine with the peace of mind that we, are fully insured, comprehensively trained and like all our services, you don’t pay if you’re not happy.

A frequently asked question: ‘Do you detail interiors’?

Yes, we sure do. In fact we currently hold commercial contracts with insurance companies where we are trusted with restoring theirs valued customers interiors after claims.

Interior detailing is often overlooked by many detailers but we pride ourselves on providing the best interior detail in Melbourne. Using commercial grade equipment and products we safely remove persistent stains and leave your interior looking new again.

Car interiors are almost impossible to clean properly without the correct equipment and we stock over 20 different chemicals to safely and effectively clean your cars interior plastics, fabric and leather. We constantly hear horror stories where customers have had their console literally melted by inexperienced detailer using wheel cleaner on the dash. Don’t worry though we offer professional interior detailing at your home or office and you will be surprised at just how good it will come up.

Among our list of services we also offer a range of quality protective solutions for your paint, wheels, interior fabrics, leather and glass. The growth of protective sealants over the last few years has been overwhelming, with so many products offering a range of durability etc it can be quite confusing.

In the hope of simplifying your decision whether or not you want paint protection or even interior protection, we have tried to spell it in layman terms.

Paint protection is a barrier between your paint and the environment, and is generally accepted as a worthwhile investment if you plan on looking after your car once it is applied (avoid dealership paint protection, its way overpriced). There is plenty of choices ranging from expensive coatings that last a couple of years or the synthetic polymer sealants that generally last 12 months.

Interior car protection, is normally a solvent based chemical that is applied to internal fabrics ie seats, carpets and mats, and forms a flexible barriers that will prevent spills penetrating in the fibre allowing a quick and convenient clean up. Quality interior protection is relatively inexpensive these days and a worthwhile investment. (just avoid the backyard detailer with a aerosol can of scotchgard)

MMD has been mobile detailing around Melbourne for many years now and pride ourselves on providing a top class service with our personal guarantee that gives you reassurance that you don’t get with big wash cafe companies.

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Author: Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Owner and operator of Melbourne Mobile Detailing (MMD) in Melbourne for 9 years and since then MMD has grown large enough with a huge customer base to cover many other detailers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs dealing with paint protection, odour removal, sticker removal, car detailing, truck cleaning, boat/marine cleaning and aviation detailing in and around Melbourne

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