The Ultimate Detail

The ultimate detail in Melbourne

Our ultra popular paint correction and ceramic coating service …. Its far more then just a detail

It is what we call the ultimate service

This package is recommended for those who want a showroom finish and restores paint-work to a finish that is what we consider “beyond show-room” Evident Swirl-Marks and heavy spider-webbing on clear coat is gently removed by way of clear-coat leveling. Paint-Work is measured by a Electronic Paint Depth Gauge to ensure sufficient clear-coat levels. We guarantee we are only removing enough levels of clear-coat without burning the paint-work or leaving “Holograms.” We do not use “Fillers” or “Masking” agents in any of our package as we provide a permanent fix to your paint-work. This Package also includes the extensive interior detail where every nook and cranny is covered and nothing is spared.

The Exterior

    • High pressure rinse followed by a Foam gun lance to Pre-soak exterior to loosen grime/contaminants
    • Safely remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips, engine bay is then steam cleaned with our unique dry steam method melting away any grease and grime
    • Wheels are removed and cleaned thoroughly ** Wheels can be repaired if needed **
    • Car is hand washed with pH neutral shampoo including door jambs and wheel arches
    • Wet 2000 grit sand and clay bar application of entire paint work
    • Chamois dry & 100% cotton deep towel finish
    • Deep scratch and imperfections that couldn’t be buffed are repaired
    • We use a machine buff to give the vehicle a special 3 stage hard to light cut to level out defects and remove all imperfection and scratches (eavy holograms, heavy swirl marks, clear coat scratches, marring, dulling to restore a show-room mirror finish)

    • Head lights are rejuvenated and polished making them look new again

    • Application of our own unique colour enhancer polish/wax is applied sealing and protecting the paint work for up to 12 months
    • You may then choose to add a nano ceramic or glass paint protection that is scratch and chemical resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • We then move onto the interior

The Interior

  • Windows are professionally buffed removing any contamination’s leaving them spotless
  • A thorough vacuum of the interior including boot & all compartments
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console including pedals, visors and pillars
  • Using our unique interior protect-ant all interior plastics and rubber seals cleaned are coated leaving them looking new
  • Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo
  • Leather is then scrubbed clean and conditioned using what we believe is the worlds most lavish leather conditioner for the ultimate rejuvenation
  • Cracks, crevices and hard to reach areas are cleaned with steam and pressurized air
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned and conditioned
  • We then finish off by polishing all metals and aluminum
  • You may then choose to add a negative – ion treatment to disinfect your interior air filtration system
  • Negative – ion treatment is used in any situation where there is a bad odour .. It works on and not limited to – Tobacco smoke, pet damper, sickness, urine and any other similar smells
  • This machine has been in the making for many years and finally trademarked to be used by Melbourne Mobile Detailing
  • This process is a first of its kind in Melbourne and we are glad to offer this service to you .. It works 100% of the time and is a permanent smell removal tool until another user smokes inside the vehicle and blocks the ventilation filters with tobacco smoke Our negative-ion generation is the most powerful air filtration and disinfectant system available leaving hotel rooms, cars, bathrooms, gyms, veterinary surgeries and countless other indoor areas full of pure, clean air

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