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Many manufacturers are moving to the future of paint protection and starting to apply as what us professional detailers call Super hydrophobic

Many automotive car manufacturers are now starting to inquire about our paint protection technology giving the self-cleaning mechanism of the automobile.  This technology capitalizes on BodyArmour9H, where a water coat known as superhydrophobic coat and hydrocarbon paint known as oleophobic coat prevent liquids in oil- and water-based forms such as dirt, oil, mud and rain from sticking to the car. With this mechanism, car owners and drivers might not need to send their automobiles to the car wash anymore, as the vehicle can effectively clean itself.

As the company plans to offer this custom BodyArmour9H paint protection technology as an aftermarket feature for its automobiles instead of making it a standard car feature. Currently, prototype testing shows this technology can respond well to different normal weather conditions such as standing water, snow, frost and sleet.

Author: Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Owner and operator of Melbourne Mobile Detailing (MMD) in Melbourne for 9 years and since then MMD has grown large enough with a huge customer base to cover many other detailers in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs dealing with paint protection, odour removal, sticker removal, car detailing, truck cleaning, boat/marine cleaning and aviation detailing in and around Melbourne

3 thoughts on “Car paint protection by MMD”

  1. I have got a 57 Chev 2door very keen to see if I can get the paint protection done, how much am I looking at ? How long do you need the car for .

    1. Hello Colin
      There are a few options with the range from Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection and all come at different price points

      I have emailed you a detailed quotation including the break down of preparation and range of ceramic coatings on offer and their prices

      Thankyou for your inquiry 🙂

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