Ford paint protection Melbourne

Ford with the best nano ceramic paint protection in Melbourne

Ford paint protection Melbourne

Melbourne Mobile Detailing had the luxury on working on this masterpiece in red … Click on the following photos to watch how the magic unfolded

Supercharged… For the power and the passion

See what happens when we put passion on the line

Nano ceramic paint protection applied by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Badge XR8
Series FG X
= Beast wearing a coat of arms like no other
Engine Size 4951 cc
Power 335 kW

Paint protection was applied by George from Contact Melbourne mobile detailing

A technologically advanced liquid glass coating that uses chemical terms like “Silica”, “Siloxane”, “Quartz”, “Crystal” or “Mohs”. It improves the paint hardness by 4H-7H by creating an additional hard layer of coating. Althought the benefits of these coatings are numerous, but it efficiency and performance will decrease over the time while continuos maintenance are required to keep the effects.
3D Matrix Nano Structure Coating forms a permanent bond to the paintwork ensuring long-term durability, hence also providing amazing depth of glossiness & reflections. It has the highest hardness which exceeds 9H compared to other conventional coatings and the highest thickness as the 3D matrix structure can be coated in multiple layers with no cracking nor peeling.




Offering superb power & handling, brilliant Sync system and a very comfortable ride

A highly refined Ford V8 with a punchy supercharger, offering agile handling and excellent brembo brakes

The Falcon XR8 includes all the features of the XR6 Turbo plus the following fun facts

An engine Size of 4951 cc and a output power ratio of 335 kW

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