Ford FGX Ute, paint protection Melbourne

Ford FGX Ute – Paint protection Melbourne

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Intelligent design enhancements make this rugged workhorse more than just a good looking ute.

Increased comfort, smart technology and clever use of space, especially storage space behind the back seats, make the Falcon Ute an efficient and effective place from which to run your business and your life outside of work.

Savvy plan upgrades make this rough workhorse more than only an attractive ute. Expanded solace, brilliant innovation and sharp utilization of space, particularly storage room behind the rearward sitting arrangements, make the Falcon Ute a productive and powerful place from which to maintain your business and your life outside of work.

The following photos are of a Ford FGX ute XR6 after the application of paint protection in Melbourne by

George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing 0421943227

The FG X Falcon is the most mechanically advanced and regular Falcon ever developed. With bleeding edge system incorporates, an inventive shading touch screen and slyly laid out summon controls, you have all that you need to control comfort, air and correspondences

Bird of prey has constantly passed on a high security standard and the FG X Falcon Ute continues with this tradition. With side head/thorax airbags, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) standard over the degree, it’s negligible wonder its proficient Australia’s most bewildering wellbeing rating. As one with this comes exceptional dealing with capacities, all planned to keep you and your family more secure than at whatever other time

Do what needs to be done with the Falcon Ute. Extraordinary, fit and continually arranged for work.Falcon Ute has the savage quality and vitality to handle practically any occupation going. There are payloads of up to 1.2 tons and towing breaking points of up to 2,300kg.# And with its auto like comfort, component dealing with and an expansive gathering of clever on-board advances, working conditions have never been something more

Incredible times are for all intents and purposes around the curve with the Falcon Ute.

Exactly when the work day is over, the Falcon Ute makes its imprint. Nothing exhibits it more than the Falcon XR Ute. Smooth design, low position and full body styling unit meets a 8″ shading touch screen, auto like comfort and superb driving execution. Surrounding, it considers fun critical.

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