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automotive paint protection melbourne

The best paint protection for Lexus vehicles in Melbourne

Lexus IS200t – This IS turbocharged, This IS luxury, This is refinement, This IS now in its best state of form with the thanx to Autotriz ceramic paint protection being my preferred options of protection

It’s a car with styling that stands out from the crowd, it offers some surprises and even more delightful features both inside and out all while being protected with what I consider to be the highest grade and advanced protection products in today’s market

With the use of various Autotriz products in the preparation of the vehicle prior to the application of Interior and exterior protection

Autotriz fabric coat was used on the entire interior and paint protection on the exterior as the paint protection of my choice, I found this to be a winning combination between the absolute best products for both exterior and interior protection in Melbourne

Autotriz fabric coat is in my opinion an excellent product originally designed to protect upholstery on the interior of the vehicle. Items such as cloth, alcantara, carpet, matts, leather and vinyl surfaces can all be covered with this product allowing a hydrophobic coating that is easily applied and unmatched from any other product I have used.

The best paint protection Melbourne was my choice for exterior paint protection on this vehicle which offers a great scratch resistance, unmatched gloss and clarity all with a lifetime warranty. Visit for more information

Paint protection gets applied to all surfaces including – paint, rubbers, plastics glass and wheels making it the number one exterior protection of choice

This is the new Lexus .. This IS bold – With one goal above everything else when developing the new generation Lexus IS: Make it fun to drive
The interior offering a driver focused cockpit delivering both a sporty and contemporary feel, it’s practical and oozes high quality materials from every point of view
Expect to hear a lot more about the new turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder from Lexus and we expect to hear even more about the refinement process and protection value added to this vehicle by George  Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing

The IS sedan has been the most successful vehicle in Lexus history with more than sales then any other Lexus sedan sold in Australia since it first appeared. A compact sports sedan and brings to the table what I consider some genuine ‘street credit’ and alot more head turning, neck breaking discussion.
With my passion to continually push the limits of clarity, gloss and detail all for the love of the job

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Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Author: Melbourne Mobile Detailing

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