Mercedes Benz AMG with Autotriz paint protection

The best paint protection for Mercedes Benz

With the application of Autotriz nano ceramic dual layered 3D matrix paint protection in Melbourne

A black Mercedes Benz AMG is every men’s dream. Packed with performance, class and luxury. Protected with our premier Paint Protection package – Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection is made in Germany and only available exclusively to selected approved applicators.

Featuring the high amount of quality ingredients or other words known as liquid glass, delivering high gloss, permanent protection and extreme hydrophobic effects.

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Car was prepped with a 2-bucket wash method with grit guard to ensure safe washing procedure.

Being a brand new car, the paint has minimal contaminants but it was certainly not perfect.

A fine-grade clay bar treatment with excessive use of clay lubricant is then carried out to remove bonded contaminants.

High pressure rinse is then carried out to rinse off shampoo, clay lubricant and safely dried with a microfiber waffle weave towel.

After finishing the wash and decontamination stage, we then inspect the paint and found a very minimal amount of swirl marks which needed to be rectified prior to the application of nano ceramic

After the removal of those nasty fine swirl marks and a extreme gloss enhancement within the paintwork, we then continued onto the next process of preparing the surface with (Eraser) removing all polish residue, oils and other contaminants that would affect the performance of the paint protection coating.

We then reassessed the entire vehicle with multiple light sources on different angles to make sure the paint work is in its optimal state..

Only then is a dual layer of Autotriz 3D matrix paint protection applied

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The world’s most powerful compact performance car. This is the Mercedes AMG A45 – One man, One engine

This is the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG – The sharpest arrow in the quiver and designed for urban hunting…
Click through the photos and watch how the magic unfolds, wearing dual layers of – The worlds most exclusive protective system and only available by a selected handful of applicators…
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Mercedes CLA45 AMG – Driving Performance for the new generation.
Dressed in a black suit and wearing 2 layers of Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection – The worlds most exclusive paint protection and only available to a selected handful of applicators…
Enjoy the quick walk around video

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