Paint protection Melbourne Volkswagen GTI&R Club of Melbourne – An eye popping solid red with Cquartz Finest

Volkswagen Paint Protection in Melbourne

A few solid red Golfs corrected and paint protected with Cquartz Finest for the VW GTI&R Club of Melbourne

An eye popping solid red corrected and wearing a coat of arms by Paint Protection Melbourne and Melbourne Mobile Detailing

The Goldilocks effect – The golf doesnt just blow you away with any one particular attribute, but slowly wriggles its way into your affections with an inherent rightness.

This is the Golf GTI in solid red with the application of Cquartz Finest paint protection. Not too hot, not too cold but just right, while everything works together in perfect harmony

From the front to the back, the Golf is downplayed, yet attractive, it oozes certainty and style in equivalent measures.

For a small car, the Golf surely punches above its weight and now stands out from the crowd.

Car paint protection was applied by melbourne mobile detailing

For a small car, the Golf punches above its weight. Four adults can be housed with solid knee and legroom, while head room is also enviable as it doesn’t have the steeply tapered roofline featured on many other modern-day offerings.

Despite being a hot hatch and sipping the more expensive premium unleaded, there isn’t too much pain at the pump. We achieved about seven litres for every 100km with some spirited driving. Using Eco mode on the highway helps drive your fuel dollar further

Author: Melbourne Mobile Detailing

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