Mini Detail

Ford mustang paint protection

“More then just a car wash”

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At your office or in your own driveway – Our Mini Detail service includes the following

Approximate time 1 – 2 HRS

The Mini Detail will make your vehicle shine and smell good again, onsite service at your location of choice.

With the incorporation of the 2 bucket and foam system with no cross contamination from wheel water and actual car shampoo used to clean the vehicles paint surface

What’s included in the mini detail package??

-Thorough exterior bumper to bumper wash –
– Light bug removal –
– Hand dry with soft microfiber towels –
– Door jambs cleaned & wiped down –
– Windows and mirrors cleaned in & out –
– Spray on carnauba wax applied to exterior paint –
– Carpet, mats, seats, and boot vacuumed –
– Wipe clean leather/vinyl seats –
– Wipe down interior doors, buttons, and dash –
– Condition & UV protect dash –
– Clean & shine exterior of rims, tires and wheel wells –
– Air freshener is also applied –

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