Car paint protection: Is it worth it?

When it comes to paint protection, we’ve all heard it all before – the usual salesperson offer at the car dealership once you’ve made a decision on the vehicle you want. Do you want to include window tint, interior protection, and paint protection for the extra 10% price of the car’s total cost? Its only a few extra dollars on the weekly finance

The question to ask in this situation is, “isn’t the paint already on the car protecting it?” Well, that’s true – the clear coating found on the car’s paintwork is meant to safeguard it as well as maintain its pristine appearance. However, it needs regular maintenance to ensure it is appearing and performing at its top level, particularly in the harsh climatic conditions of Australia. So is car paint protection worth it?

Car paint protection is it worth it?

Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection

Different types of car paint protection worthwhile from Autotriz Australia

Is taking up the salesperson’s offer worth the trouble, or is paint protection the remedy most individuals think it is? First, let’s explore the various kinds of paint protection and the purported advantages they provide.

Paint protection has been in existence for as long as the cars they are meant to safeguard.

The very standard type of paint protection is humble wax, which is used to protect a whole range of surfaces. Specialist like David Chapman, from Floor Coverings claims

“though simple, wax is a magical product when it comes to ensuring the protection and longevity of so many surfaces.”

From flooring to cars, wax is intended to augment the paintwork it’s smeared on.

Though wax has protective properties, it can wear off quite fast, particularly when subjected under hot conditions. The application is relatively simple, particularly if you are looking to recreate the well-known ‘wax-off, wax-on’ method from the Karate Kid.

A level up from waxes are paint sealants. Paint sealants can be a polymer-based and mostly a man-made product.

According to Gold Coast auto repair shop owner Kerale Browne ,the benefits of paint sealers are

“They deliver more durability, usually having a shelf life of up to 6 months or more depending on the maintenance of the car, as well as offering excellent dirt repelling properties and shine.”

According to Kerale, the application process is the same as a conventional wax but delivers superior protection.

The latest advancement in paint protection is the use of glass or ceramic coating. This is often the type of paint protection the salesperson at the dealership will present to you, alleging it is scratch resilient and will last for the lifespan of the car.

It may sound too good of an offer, and it is!

However, this doesn’t suggest that this type of paint coating is a waste of cash, but by knowing how they function and having realistic anticipations, you can make a decision as to whether this coating fits your needs.

Glass or ceramic coatings can be a combination of silica-based products on top the current clear coat.

They usually have a negative charge, which enables them to repel dirt and dust actively while at the same time delivering a high capacity of repellence to water and other contaminants like bird droppings. They are also resilient, with most of them lasting up to 2 years or more, depending on maintenance.

Glass and ceramic coating make maintaining the paintwork clean much faster and easier, given how dirt and typical road grime find it difficult to stick to the coating.

A ceramic coating can also boost the paint gloss level, which makes it more reflective and shiny.

Is paint protection for you? Car paint protection worth it? Well how much do you enjoy cleaning your car and how much time would you like to spend cleaning it?

This is a question you’ll need to think over.

If the car stays outside for the duration of its lifespan, you’ll want the cleaning process to be easy and paint protection can assist you to achieve that.

If you will be keeping the car in the garage most of the time, and only take it out when the sun is out, a quality wax job will be sufficient to ensure your car looks amazing.

Car loan provider Muzi Dan says

“One thing for sure is that looking around for paint protection outside the car dealership can significantly relieve your back pocket.” There are an array of quality dealers who can apply the paint protection at a more affordable price as compared to the car dealership.

The upshot? You will be getting a protected car that looks amazing for years on end and you’ll end up saving a lot in the process.

If your car is in need of some much deserved paint protection, or requires some detailing, contact our friendly team at Melbourne Mobile Detailing today!

So is car paint protection worth it? We think so especially when using quality nano ceramic coatings from Autotriz Australia

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