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The best ceramic coating paint protection for your new car in Melbourne

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We choose to use Melbourne’s best ceramic coatings because they have been independently tested, proven over time and considered at the forefront of technology in paint protection. Best of all they are made in Australia
Melbourne mobile detailing offers what we believe are the very best paint protection coatings for new and used vehicles. Surface protection and high gloss finishes for all paint types, alloy wheels, fabric, leather and glass

The best quality Australian made coatings, you can rest assured that we have done the training, got the experience and are officially authorized applicators for AvantGarde nano ceramic and graphene coatings

AvantGarde offers unique application techniques that bring out a supreme gloss finish, anti-scratch capabilities like no other and durability you can expect from a high-quality paint protection product

Should you buy aftermarket paint protection? Because you’re a new car owner, have a read on the above link to learn more about how ceramic coatings can protect your paint from UV rays, tree sap, and bird droppings all while offering a chemical-resistant protective layer with a super high gloss finish

We choose to use the best paint protection products. Known globally for its advancements in nano ceramic coatings, been officially tested, inspected and certified by TÜV SÜD – This is your certainty of the highest standard of quality

What does this mean to you? TÜV SÜD is the world’s leading technical certification organization providing testing, inspection and verification for industrial applications.

Save yourself, time, and headaches by comparing the cheap/cheerful to quality by endlessly scrolling through the internet trying to figure out which product is best and how you know if it will be even applied properly – Take out all the guesswork and get it done right the first time

With many years of specializing in aftermarket paint protection, you can rest assured the coatings we use are approved, tested, prepared and applied properly to your vehicle

What is nano-ceramic graphene car paint protection?

The best Nano ceramic paint protection is what we consider a next-generation system that is undeniably the world’s most advanced automotive paint coating, due to its unique formula, durability, scratch resistance and extreme shine

All while offering an amazing low maintenance schedule is what has made a world-class product and is recognized worldwide.

#wordlclass – Continuously developing and improving its current line of products as new more advanced raw materials and technologies come available.

How is this any different to what was available 5 years ago?

As time progresses, products advance and we choose to follow suit and advance with new application techniques while offering new services.

We will only apply what we believe to be the very finest paint protection coatings and take a great deal of pride in our services and the products we choose to apply.

Not only has it been tested in a controlled environment but we have also continuously been testing the products we apply and would only approve what we believe to tick every box

What is the process involved in having ceramic paint protection applied to a new or used vehicle?

Our packages are great value for money and a simple rundown of the included services is as follows:

– Thorough exterior car wash with snow foam decontamination & filtered air dried

– Clay bar/pad of the exterior surface to remove any atmosphere fallout, this process also prepares the vehicle for paint correction

– A multi-stage paint correction process that will make many scratches disappear and will bring back a high gloss mirror reflection, we aim for a 90-95% defect removal and believe this is a step that cannot be skipped

– Paint sterilization to remove any grease, fillers, wax or product residue with the use of alcohol solvents

– Application of chosen ceramic coating option on all painted surfaces

**This process can take multiple hours and we prefer access to a garage or carport although is not necessary. Being a fully mobile service we do however require access to a power point and garden tap**

Can I drive my car the same day after the application?

The total process can take multiple hours (Average 6-7hrs) to perform and we sometimes use accelerators in the pro ceramic products range to speed up the cure time allowing the vehicle to be driven away the same day

As the coating is fresh we do prefer that the car stays unsettled overnight preferably in a garage or a closed environment but this is not necessary

Paint protection options and prices

*** AvantGarde – Offering a very durable and hard coating with super water behaviour, this is a single-layered coating offering fantastic scratch resistance with a life expectancy of 3-5years

*** AvantGarde Dual Composition – When combined, this is the renowned base coat and a top coat creates a chemical reaction and fuses onto your new car paint.

This option offers an even higher level of gloss, extreme durability, superior scratch resistance and the highest thickness rating we have seen (Comes with a 7-year manufacturer warranty)

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The professional range of products is not available to be purchased online. It is a strictly controlled advanced Nano ceramic coating that is constantly being improved to be at the leading edge in the paint protection market.

It has the highest quality of chemical ingredients than any other paint protection coating on the market today and comes with a minimum 3-7 year warranty depending on which options are chosen

The above products are strictly only available to authorized applicators although there is also a Do-It-Yourself version. For more information on the consumer-grade of DIY

Still not sure? Do you have any reviews? Videos?

For many years Melbourne mobile detailing was simply just a detailing service and for the last 15 years we have progressively aimed most of our energy and resources into specializing, adapting and learning new techniques in the application of car ceramic graphene coatings

We take great pride in the result as we believe each car is a rolling advert for our business reputation and services. With a quick online search, you may find a multitude of genuine reviews from real customers on many platforms including Facebook, Google, product reviews, yellow pages, truly local and many other review sites

You can find some of these review sites here paint protection reviews

We aim for genuine reviews and always advise our customers to use professional trusted portals like Product reviews – Melbourne Mobile Detailing reviews

Visit our YouTube channel for our large list of automotive brands and models with a variety of surfaces that have had paint protection applied –> YouTube channel

So, what makes this different to every other coating available?

Tradition coatings improve the paint hardness by an average of anywhere from 4H-7H on the pencil scale by creating an additional hard superficial layer of coating. Although the benefits of these coatings are numerous and random, overtime efficiency and performance will decrease and continuous maintenance is required to keep these effects. Traditional ceramic glass coatings that offer active properties like (Silica, Siloxane, Quartz, Crystal or Mohs) Just to name a few.

On another scale is a Nano ceramic structured coating that forms a permanent bond to the paintwork ensuring long-term durability with minimal maintenance, while providing amazing depth of gloss & reflection.

Made in Australia and one of the few coating manufacturers that offers the highest hardness levels exceeding 9H pencil strength and amazingly has the ability to be layered on top of itself without cracking, peeling or de-laminating resulting in a matrix structure and offering the highest thickness levels when compared to traditional coatings

What type of scratch resistance will a high-quality Nano ceramic paint protection offer?

Coatings have progressed a very long way over the past few years but they are still not bulletproof and sadly if someone’s going to throw a brick at your car it will still cause a decent amount of damage

In reality, new-age coatings offer fantastic scratch resistance and minimize the damage that can be caused by keys and other elements

To see a small video of the scratch resistance a basic single layer can offer

YouTube player

Please keep in mind that a scratch that is in the coating is much easier to repair than a scratch on the vehicles paintwork which may require the services of a respray or touch up

Do new cars really need an extra layer of protection?

As the car industry continually tries to find new ways of cutting costs and speeding up the manufacturing process we have noticed that modern paint finishes are getting thinner and thinner

what used to be over 200 microns in paint thickness are now seeing results as low as 80 microns for some manufacturers.

Dealership paint protection that is offered may have worked in the past but is certainly not up to the mark in today’s paint technology

Regardless of how little paint is currently on your vehicle, a superficial layer added on top of the painted surface which is far more durable and stronger than any paint finish could be considered the best value for money in protecting your rolling investment from any future damage

Here you can view a blog we did for a new Ford Mustang we applied for paint protection 

Will you come to me or do I have to leave my car at a workshop?

We are fully setup as a mobile service and only require the bare essentials with access to a household garden tap and a standard power point, everything else required is carried on board

There is no need to have a garage or covered area but we do recommend this type of facility, especially with Melbourne’s ever-changing weather conditions. For any more concerns you may have feel free to contact us via email or call for direct service

Why risk it with an inferior product offered at a dealership or poor workmanship?? – Get it done right the first time

Visit our YouTube channel (updated twice a week with new videos) for our large list of automotive surfaces that have had paint protection applied –> Paint protection melbourne YouTube channel

We believe prevention is always the smarter choice

We believe prevention is the better option, there is no cure for a severely damaged paint surface. Don’t let your car be the next victim to swirl marks, micro marring or scratches

When you demand the best paint protection be sure to ask for an authorized nano ceramic paint protection applicator for peace of mind


Peace of mind and fully insured

Melbourne Mobile Detailing handles each car with its own unique solution and we always put the customer’s requirements first. There is no “Smoke & Mirrors” approach in our methods and the results speak for themselves. Click here to view our gallery

Melbourne Mobile Detailing conducts many private one on one training sessions. Also, we cover ongoing support for multiple dealerships during the year to make sure our services are second to none and always up to date. If you are interested in joining our next training session, feel free to send us an email

We are car enthusiasts and know just how critical it is to protect your vehicle’s new paint.


What we believe is the best system to protect your pride and joy

Why settle for anything less??
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Traditional car waxing is a temporary solution and really isn’t the best option anymore.

The paint protection systems we use are a long-term solution and believe are much more efficient in protecting your vehicle’s paintwork compared to waxing or other solutions.


A properly applied coating will not dissolve and offer a clean, high clarity, ultra-glossy paint protection film-like coating on top of your paintwork. Keeping your car shinier for longer

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