Full Car Detail

Is your car missing that brand new feeling? Want it to feel awesome again?The full detail

We will spend hours going every inch of your car – you will be amazed at what treasures get hidden in your car – returning it to you as good as the first day you picked it up

This is a great service if you want to prepare your car for sale – pre sale detail, maybe a special event or you just want your car looking it’s best again. There is no greater feeling then driving a freshly cleaned car

Our full detail package is great value for money and includes the following services :


full detail

— Outside the Vehicle —

Basic run down of the service includes the following

– Thorough exterior car wash including wheels, wheel arches and door jambs

– Clay Bar application to remove any fall-out and for immaculate results

– A 2 step cutting procedure to remove any scratches and swirl marks plus mirror finish glazing

– Application of our high quality nano ceramic enriched polish levelling, complimenting and leaving a long lasting finish

– Tyre’s are shined and windows cleaned

(Why not add an extra service for piece of mind.. A Ceramic paint protection will coat your vehicle in a super durable skin that will last for years) Click here for more information paint protection melbourne

— Inside the Vehicle —

– Thorough vacuum of seats and carpets

– Dashboard & door trims scrubbed clean

– Steam clean or deep pile extraction for seats and carpets with A grade anti-bacterial products

– Scrub down of leather seats and conditioned

– Windows Cleaned and vehicle deodorized

We’re a mobile car detailing/washing service covering the entire Melbourne region

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