Event Detailing Melbourne

Car, Boat, Truck, Bus, Marine and Aviation event detailing in Melbourne

Melbourne Mobile Detailing is proud to be the leader in small and large events in and around Melbourne.

Covering all types of services and detailing requirements for the last decade, including and not limited to Cars, Trucks, Marine, Caravan and Aviation shows.

We have been involved in the art of detailing since 2000 and it really shows in our dedication, time management and  quality workmanship, while offering all the extra care needed for all sized events.

Our event detailing services are provided most often to automotive marketing companies, professional car collectors and car auctioneers.

Did you know we also deal directly with large automotive manufacturers like Tesla, Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot and Volkswagen

For more information, please contact our event detailing specialist on 0421 943 227 (George)

Melbourne Mobile Detailing is responsible for detailing Melbourne’s most exotic and rarest vehicles in the last decade and has been involved in detailing at many major events across Melbourne

We regularly offer our services to non-profit and charity events including the Red Bull Party Bus, Harley Davidson Convention charity auction and also detailed 60 mini’s in 4 days over an event, as well as many other grand opportunities

Melbourne Mobile Detailing and its network partners in the auto detailing industry have made it a favourite among those looking for show-quality mobile detailing services.

If your vehicle needs to look its best, whether you are a competitor or an exhibitor, you owe it to your vehicle to contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing on 0421 943 227 (Anytime)