Benefits of paint protection coatings

The proven benefits of paint protection coatings

Our belief is that we offer the best ceramic paint protection coating. Being an accredited detailer for all kinds of cars – brand new, used or classic.

Autotriz ceramic paint protection Melbourne is the latest innovation in nano technology and it’s simply superior compared to other coating brands. It’s not a coating that will wear down in weeks or months – It lasts for years, with self-cleaning abilities, scratch and chemical resistance with multiple glowing reviews around the world

We choose to offer the latest generation in paint protection systems, the greatest and most trusted brand in nanotechnology when it comes to paint protection. These coatings become a permanent bond to the paint’s surface and create a hard wearing coat combined of Quartz,Tio2 – titanium dioxide and SiO2 – Silica Dioxide.

This unique combination of industry chemicals is not found in other coating brands and simply put is a superior option when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint compared to traditional polymers, sealants and older generation of coatings.

The proven benefits for paint protection coatings :
Physical resistance. Chemicals does not break down the coating unlike waxes and sealants and it has a certain level of scratch resistance (9H), it resist from minor abrasions such as swirls and scratches, water spots, bird dropping, graffiti etc.

It’s permanent with a lifespan of 3 to 7 years. It can only be removed by heavy paint correction or sanding down
Hydrophobic, water repels and beads off aggressively from the paint, creating a self-cleaning effect
Increased gloss, depth and clarity.

It eliminates the need of regularly polishing or waxing of your car again

Why are we Melbourne’s leaders in premium ceramic car paint protection?
Auotriz uses advanced nanotechnology to preserve surfaces for various items including cars, boats, aircraft, construction equipment, industrial objects, garments and accessories. Once these items are coated with Autotriz ceramic coatings, they are protected against contaminants, pollution and other factors that can cause deterioration of the surface.

For car paint protection in Melbourne, Autotriz is your number one choice. With an extensive network of highly qualified applicators around Melbourne and Australia who are permitted to apply Autotriz car paint protection with a genuine warranty, our product is used by Melbourne ceramic coating professionals.

This network of Autotriz approved applicators is highly experienced and apply Autotriz ceramic car paint protection accurately and thoroughly. You can rest assured your car is protected against the elements for a long time. Autotriz is made in Germany and is considered a premium defence for your cars paint surface against Melbourne’s unpredictable climate and sometimes extreme weather conditions. Rain, hail or shine, your car can remain faultless and glossy with a Autotriz ceramic car protection coating.

Get a free quote and schedule your appointment with Melbourne’s car paint protection approved applicator today and enjoy peace of mind that your car is protected from any contaminants and chemicals that could otherwise deteriorate your car’s paintjob.

Is your car protected against Melbourne’s unpredictable weather conditions?
Anyone who lives in Melbourne is well aware that you never know what the weather is going to do – from morning to afternoon to evening, you might experience four seasons in a day! The beauty of Autotriz ceramic is that it doesn’t break down with time or wash away with the rain. This clear coating contains German quality nano particles that form a permanent adhesion to your car’s paintwork, which protects your car from all kinds of harmful chemical contaminants and other factors that would otherwise cause general wear and tear to your vehicle.

It takes thorough abrasion to remove this additional layer of coating from the surface, so rainfall and exposure to the sun certainly isn’t going to penetrate this German made state-of-the-art ceramic coating in Melbourne.

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Autotriz Australia
Autotriz Australia

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