Odour Removal

Odour Removal in Melbourne

– Need it Gone ASAP –

We offer a Permanent Solution to many odours

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With our smell removal service we respond as quickly and safely as possible.

We have used our unique odor removal techniques to permanently remove the smells and odors of many rental properties to completely remove the smell of tobacco, air-born bacteria and cooking smells that can stain and impregnate the household furniture, walls, insulation, ventilation ducts and wall cavities

The most common smells we eliminate are tobacco smells and bacteria spores that accumulate in the air-conditioning vents of vehicles and household properties

We fully eliminate any type of odor from the affected areas and return it to its original state. We do not Mask the smell, we permanently remove it

Odor Removal: Unlike deodorizers that just mask odors, our product bonds with the odor molecule and destroys the odor-causing compound. The elimination processes actually neutralizes the odors naturally and is the safest method for complete sanitation

Odor Control: From sewerage treatment works, grease traps, septic tanks, garbage compactors, hospitals, child care centers , retirement homes and motels, we have yet to find an odor that cannot be effectively controlled.

Every situation requires a specific treatment procedure and we are confident that we can offer a solution to virtually any odor.

We have learned that odors can be successfully removed and controlled and that this knowledge can be applied to most situations

— Pet Odors —

Ideal for all pet odors, urine smells, kennels, catteries.

We can help eliminate odors in and around the house, the car, kennels, in fact wherever your pets reside.

Our machines eradicate pet odors (including urine smells) from upholstery, carpet, curtains and other porous surfaces.

It is designed to penetrate a wide variety of surfaces. It is quite effective in eliminating odors from dog kennels and catteries. Its also used as a hospital grade disinfectant to help kill airborne bacteria.

— High Rise Apartment Garbage Chutes, Garbage Compactors & Waste Bins —

Purpose built odor elimination systems have been designed to operate in the waste holding areas of high rise residential and commercial buildings. These systems treat the odor to inhibit the smells rising through the chutes to

apartments above and also in the waste holding area itself. The odors are neutralized whilst leaving a pleasing background fragrance.

A flexible, monthly rental, fully serviced arrangement is available to specifically suit strata management. No contracts to sign . we install and maintain. If you decide to stop at any stage . no problems . we simply remove the system and

discontinue the service. Subject to location service availability.

— Grease Traps & Septic tanks —

Grease Traps in cafes and restaurants often emit a very unpleasant odor and can detract from the environment you are wishing to provide for your patrons.

We can supply a customized 3 step solution to effectively control the odors emanating from grease traps, septic tanks and other liquid waste tanks. You’ll have a cleaner smelling, better functioning system.

— Liquid Waste Holding Tanks —

A natural odor neutralizer, which is dispersed within odor-polluted liquids in waste holding tanks to suppress the emission of malodorous. It can also be used to provide a surface coating over solid waste in open waste bins in waste holding areas.

We are proud of our customer service and use the latest in smell removal technology and remedies

We envision a Melbourne that is a clean and healthy community.

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3 thoughts on “Odour Removal”

  1. Hi my new purchased house has a very yucky smell, we have removed the carpets and put wood flooring on ,all the rooms became better but the master room reminds very smelly, ppl suggests it may got from the rats urines, there are two big waredrobes in the master room , no other rooms have those wares robes , the smell may from there, relatives have helped me to wipe the waredrobes inside and out but still haven’t improved. Please help Me

  2. Hi George, I’m needing to get a smell removed from my car. The smell came from fresh orange juice being spilled on my back seat, and has just consistently gotten worse. wondering if you are able to help with this and what the fee involved is? I am located in Franskton VIC 3199. Thank you

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