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Need a sticker gone or paint over spray removed from your vehicle?

Need to get that sticker removed from your company vehicle or have you had someone spray chemicals or paint near your vehicle?

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Sticker removal in Melbourne

The professional sticker removal service that comes to you anywhere in Melbourne. Removing old sign writing and car stickers can be a nightmare, we make it easy and trouble free.

We are experienced car detailer’s with plenty of eye for detail so we can guarantee safe removal of old sign writing decals and stickers that are difficult to remove.

We come to you, and have all the equipment to remove the most difficult stickers. Stickers break down over time by the harsh Australian climate and UV rays, thus causing the glue and material to distort which can make it very hard to remove

We always recommend at least a basic Cut and Polish once all stickers are removed to help even out the paintwork

Having professional detailer’s doing the removal process ensures peace of mind. We commonly see razor cuts and deep scratches from other companies attempting to remove stickers and ultimately cause irreparable damage.

We have removed the most intricate sign writing decals and have a great reputation for professional cost effective sticker removal in Melbourne

 What is over spray

Over spray is caused by air born paint or chemical particles and is very common on high windy days. We see this problem mainly on construction sites where vehicles are parked near the site and prone to be covered with a fine coating of

paint/chemical particles usually carried through wind covering cars up to one kilometre away. Some paint or chemicals wont damage your paint work if treated ASAP although others tend to bond and start a chemical reaction with the paint on your vehicle which only gets worse over time if untreated.

Have you considered paint protection so overspray isn’t as damaging if and when it happens again? What is paint protection

 Concrete or cement splatter removal

Another common problem around construction sites is concrete splatter. Concrete being poured can create large amounts of splatter which can travel in heavy winds or travel off the sides of high rise buildings during construction.

If the concrete is not removed from an effected surface it will start to bond with your vehicles paint work. Many people have attempted to remove the concrete splatter themselves and tend to cause more damage

We have removed concrete splatter from building sites, shop glass, Automobiles and many more types of surfaces.

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