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Mobile boat detailing and gel coat restoration in Melbourne

Your boat is a major investment and we believe just like everything in life, proper care and maintenance is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your marine vessel.

Enjoying your boat is one thing but being advised on how to prevent the damage from the sun, salt water and how other elements can take their toll on fiberglass, gel coat, metal and vinyl.

The service of detailing your boat and protecting it with a ceramic coating that is resistant to salt water will seal and protect your gel coat, extending the life of your vessel. Metal surfaces must be polished, removing corrosion and inhibiting future damage prior to protecting the material and salt damage to glass maintaining clarity and prevent yellowing and clouding.

Boat protection is one of the areas of our business where we really shine!!

We are  a team of  professional boat detailers with many, many years of experience on all types of finishes and vessels, from trailer boats to super yachts

Prior to performing any project, we do an in depth client consultation which includes a complete visual inspection and surface assessment. This protects the interest of our client relationship and also ensures that we deliver exactly what is expected from us and more

After the boat is restored we recommend a nano ceramic coating or regular applications of wax which has been designed to deal with the harsh environments and will offer unmatched protection to your investment, keeping it looking at its best for many years to come

We don’t believe in using ultra aggressive abrasives to cut and remove the finish any more than is absolutely necessary to restore the shine.  Heavy cutting is just removing the important protection we are aiming to increase. The use of ceramic protective marine products, will give you excellent long lasting results for years to come

Boat and fiberglass protection is a must in today’s environment caused by sea salt and the harsh Australian sun

Some of the marine detailing services we provide are as follows

Machine Polish of gel coat to gunwales

High pressure cleaning of non-skid surfaces and removal of all salt and mould build up

 All Stainless Steel railings and fitting polished and rust stains removed

 Teak Surfaces cleaned and treated

 Interior fly-bridge polished and helm chairs and seating cleaned

Inside Cockpit polished and all seating cleaned.

All Drain holes & channels cleared and cleaned.

Hull Cut & Polish

    Acid Wash Hull

    Machine Polish of Hull from Gunwales to waterline.

    Remove any Rust Stains

Boat Interior Detail

    Complete interior cleaning of Boat

    Polish all gel coated surfaces

    Full vacuum of carpets and steam cleaning if required

    Refrigerator cleaning

    Bathrooms thoroughly cleaned

    All upholstery cleaned and rejuvenated

    Linen laundered if required

Additional Marine Detailing

    Stainless steel polishing (incl. rust removal)

    Clear vinyl window cleaning (incl. ‘Plexus’ waxing)

    Interior detail cleaning (whole boat or area specific)

    Carpet cleaning either with steam or deep pile extractor

    Teak decking dressing and sealing

    Inflatable tender rejuvenation

    Bilge cleaning and degreasing

What is fibreglass protection?

We are a approved applicator for paint protection in Melbourne (Worldclass paint protection for people who demand the absolute best)

This is NOT a polish that is measured in months but durability is measured in years

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Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing 26 June 2015