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Melbourne Mobile Detailing is also known as MMD and can be contacted on 0421943227 (George)

We at MMD – Mobile Car Detailing for Melbourne and all its surrounding suburbs can offer you our valued customer the best in Paint Protection, Leather and Fabric Protection.

We dedicate much of our time in research and development keeping ontop of the market and always applying to very best products

For Paint Protection we at MMD can recommend BodyArmour9H or Cquartz which are both sealants and not some wax that will wear down
Check out our paint protection systems page to see whats involved in the application.  localhost/melbourne-mobile/paint-protection/

BodyArmour9H is like no other paint protection polimer – It is a non-stick, high gloss, all weather, temperature-flexible sealant containing a new type of proprietary chemical formulation

BodyArmour9H represents the very latest in Paint Protection Technology for many years to come as It contains no waxes or resins because those type of ingredients do not filter out UV rays and do not hold up to regular washing.

BodyArmour9H Paint Protection comes with a five stage process:
1) Dewax – removes any old wax or polish that may be present on your car, (includes high pressure wash)
2) Wheels Degreased – removes any grease or dirt which may be present on the wheels,
3) Clay Bar – removes any surface pollutants , road grime and other contaminates which maybe on your paint work,
4) Pre-Prep – micro finish prepares the paintwork ready for the next stage of the paint protection
5) BodyArmour9H sealant – A single layer is applied to the paintwork and is sufficient enough to offer the very best in protection

BodyArmour9H Paint Protection products come with many different warranty levels against the paint from fading on all new cars.

We at MMD – Mobile Car Detailer for Melbourne recommend the use of BodyArmour9H Paint, Leather and Fabric Protection.

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More about us

We believe we are the best in the business – With consistant ongoing research and development in products and equiptment we strive to be ahead of our competition, from paint correction, cut and polishing to paint protection, Melbourne mobile detailing is the only choice when your car needs special attention

Melbourne’s largest Detailing network

With over 30 years of combined experience in car cleaning & detailing we know how to take care of your car. Whether you are looking for a full car detail to complete paint protection one of our partnered car detailers will be happy to help you – check out Our Services page for all the benefits. We come to you at your home or office, or anywhere else for that matter. So don’t waste your precious time queuing at the car wash, sit back with your feet up or get on with your work knowing your car will get the personal attention of a trained car detailer and backed by Melbournes most ultimate detailers

100% Service – We always put in 110% to make it right the first time BUT If you’re not happy, Let us know and we will make it right…

Peace of Mind – Fully Insured and with many, many happy customers, why would you consider going somewhere else

Safety & Chemicals- We know how important it is to look after the environment and only use environmentally safe products. We also carry appropriate worksafe cards and maintain our equipment regularly

Gift Certificates Available – Great for fathers day, birthdays or just a simple thankyou gift … Allow a friend to enjoy the freedom they deserve. Give them a gift voucher to the value of your choice. Please email or call for more information .. George 0421943227

In Good Hands – Melbourne Mobile Detailing is an authorized paint protection applicator and stocks a large range of products. Cquartz, Swissvax, Procoat, 3M and many other manufactures. We believe we have the very best range of car care products in the world with many of their waxes and sealants tailor made to suit the paint systems of specific vehicle manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini. Rolls Royce, Mercedes etc. Including paint protection and leather protection products endorsed by many car manufacturers

Do you have that special gift??

We are always on the look out for people that are qualified in car cleaning/detailing and have a passion for it. We offer training for experienced car detailers to improve their skills and be a leader of the pack

If you are professional, friendly and are are experienced in detailing please do not hesitate to email us or call to join the team.

[email protected]

0421943227 (George)

227 Collins Street Melbourne

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