Silica content in coatings

Silica in paint protection coatings – How much is too much?

There’s a new spiel being spread in the paint protection industry to reel in more customers and I have recently had a few concerned and confused clients asking me about 100% Silica coatings that they have been preached about

As a passionate ceramic coating applicator I had to do the research and contacted a few coating chemists from overseas. The result – I can officially tell you that there are no ceramic coatings in the world without a liquid carrier. For more information on coating options

When a ceramic coating company claims that they have a solvent free coating, it means that they are not considering hydrocarbons as solvents, but only alcohol based as such.
In some countries hydrocarbons are considered as solvents.
When they claim that it’s a non-flammable liquid, they mean that the flash point is higher than 63 degrees (Celsius).
In this case, it’s considered as a NON-flammable liquid.
The temperature below 63, and close to it, is considered as a low flammable liquid (grade 3) similar characters to diesel fuel.
Simply put – It’s all a big marketing hoax in my professional opinion!

We have discovered these companies that claim 100% solvent free use products called Alkoxisilanes and are all hydrocarbon based with a high flash point, that’s all it is.

Application of such coatings are exactly the same as all others and sometimes even trickier
These same companies claim to have a 100% silica product. You simply CAN NOT apply 100% silica!
Remember the rule – There has to be a liquid carrier. whether it’s alcohol based or solvent based, and it has to take some percentage of the formulation.

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