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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is Car detailing and why should I choose a mobile service?

Car detailing is the process of making your car look like new again, using advanced cleaning and polishing treatments. Detailing is not just a wash and wax, but a barrage of cleaning aimed at every speck of dirt, dust, and grease on your car until it is clean or cleaner than the day you drove it off the showroom floor! Using soft cloths, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, and advanced cleaning and polishing techniques, a full detail includes hand-washing, dissolving road tar & bugs, hand polishing and waxing, thorough cleaning and shampooing of your car’s interior, treating all the rubber, vinyl, leather and wood, and washing the windows inside and out. As the name implies, auto detailing is all about the details and a mobile service means no headaches or worries as the service is done at your home or office.

Q – Why do we believe Melbourne Mobile Detailing is a leader in the industry?

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is proof that MMD is committed to providing the very best service & experience that you have ever received from any Professional Detailing company*. Please take note, we are not a car wash service, we are a group of professionals who take detailing to the next level and are quickly setting the standard in detailing across Melbourne. Our Services cover car, truck, aircraft and marine/boat detailing plus all your car paint protection needs and more.

Our goal is to earn our client’s business for life. We succeed in this by providing you with an unmatched service that no other company can or will do, period. We will leave you with a finished result which you will be happy to show off to all your family and friends. We love referrals and this is the best way to get them 🙂

We will always complete a thorough walkaround of the detailing project upon arrival. During this time we will write down any specific instructions and main focusing areas on our work order sheet. We will answer any questions you may have about our detailing process & discuss the results that you should expect from the job.

Q – Why should I get my car detailed and why should I choose Melbourne Mobile Detailing?

Not only is your vehicle a part of your ‘image’ your vehicle is also an investment. Just like any other investment – if you manage it well, you will get a greater return from it. Having your vehicle professionally detailed (including paint correction and paint protection) will ensure your vehicle is looking its absolute best-come sale day, which can often lead to a faster, easier sale at a higher price point! Have a read of what others think of our services and you will quickly see that not only is Melbourne Mobile Detailing affordable but our services are second to none and that is why we get chosen for private, corporate cars and major events around Melbourne

Q – What makes Melbourne Mobile Detailing a smarter choice when it comes to car detailing and paint protection services?

We believe in paying uncompromising attention to details and have been doing so for many years. Our method of your car’s protection and beautification is second to none and the results speak for themselves with many happy customers. No matter what type of vehicle you have or what type of service you need, our certified technicians have the expert training and knowledge to provide your vehicle with unparalleled protection and beauty. The equipment and products we use have been carefully developed and are proven to be the absolute finest in the industry. We don’t apply every product under the sun and we stay away from cheaper alternatives that many other detailers may use

If you are serious about protecting your automotive investment, it pays for you to call us today! The results we achieve speak for themselves and we invite you to see for yourself by clicking on our gallery page or visiting our Facebook page for our latest projects www.facebook.com/melbournemobiledetailing

Q – My vehicle has appearance problems such as swirl marks, scratches, scuff marks, poor gloss and is slightly oxidized in certain areas… Will your Cut & Polish service fix most of these problems?

Dependent on how much damage & how long these paint imperfections have been on your vehicle paintwork will undoubtedly change the end result. Definitely, our unique 3-step Cut & Polish system will improve these concerns although it would be best for us to come out and have a look so we may offer you an honest answer of which imperfections can be fixed/improved and why

Q – My car has a funny odour in it, Can this be fixed?

Generally, an odour in your vehicle is caused by a spillage of some sort, possibly a drink or food which may cause stains in your seats and carpet. With our unique negative ion stain removal system using only antibacterial products can remove the most stubborn of stains and leave your car smelling fresh for weeks to come

If you have any more concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call or email us through our contact us page

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