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Car Paint Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is automotive paint protection?

 Melbourne Mobile Detailing only uses what we believe to be the best paint protection coatings in today’s market and is irrefutably the world’s most developed car paint sealant because of its novel equation, toughness and hyper sparkle and amazing aftercare support. That’s right the products we choose to apply not only are the best but come with fantastic aftercare support

The paint protection systems we use simply means you will never need to wax again, and if maintained properly will have a fantastic sparkle to your cars paint work that will last for many years to come. Your car will also be shielded from unsafe components, for example, UV light from the damaging sun, corrosive rain and flying creature droppings.

Nano Ceramic paint protection systems are forever at the forefront of new car care products and enhancing the current line of paint protection as new and more propelled crude materials and advancements come accessible. Some offering genuine lifetime warranties and have proven time after time to exceed many other competitors in all aspects of tests

Q: How are these products more superior to other paint protection products available?

A: Using the leading edge in polymer science, framing a cross connected covenant bond.

Many other paint sealants or paint protections offered have been in altered silicone mode, which gradually corrupts during ordinary driving conditions. In normal conditions after a few years we are starting to see an endless amount of warranty claims and complaints from many other paint protection manufacturers which is simply another reason why we choose not to apply these products

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Use a professional car paint protection service by Melbourne Mobile Detailing .. Watch our videos, research our reviews and call us for free honest advice before you make the wrong decision

Other paint sealants like PTFE and glass plexin based sealants basically sit inside the pores on your vehicle’s paint, and wash away with straightforward cleansers..

With the application of a high grade paint protection your paint will remain protected against from any sort of natural contamination, e.g., corrosive downpour, bird/bat droppings, bug liquids, tree sap and street grime

Q: What about the other Nanotechnology items available?

A: There are a few items available that claim how cutting-edge their auto care items are, yet time after time they have failed many consumer test. Sure they might look fantastic on paper but in the real world they have failed over and over again ..

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Q: What are the key benefits of having paint protection applied to my car?

  • Saving time and money while minimizing the up-keep of your vehicles paint work.
  • In many cases even light rain can wash your car as these paint protection coatings used by Melbourne Mobile Detailing are super hydrophobic and don’t allow dust or dirt to stick onto the paint work
  • The best paint protection against acid rain, tree sap, bugs, ocean salt, UV rays, bird/bat droppings and so on.
  • No white build-up on black plastic areas like many polishes used and won’t wear down
  • Suitable for any paint surface and not limited to cars, motorbikes , boats and aircraft.
  • Can be applied to many materials including paint, glass, any metal, plastic and so on.
  • Creates a profound “wet look” paint finish and when looked after with regular wash cycles will last for many years to come.
  • Incredibly 9H scratch resistant surface.

Q: How frequently will I have to apply the paint protection products you use?

A: Easy … Once .. Your car will only need to having this coating applied once and no need for a top up or re application

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