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Mobile car detailing and protection is not just about maintaining your vehicle but it is also the feeling of being positive -clean, fresh and vibrant.

Thorough detailing or new car paint protection procedures help in preserving your vehicle’s resale value thus keeping it looking its very best for most of its life. The whole procedure of full detail involves the exterior and interior portion of your car.

Offering the best practices to protect your vehicle

There are numerous ways to protect the paint of your car and traditionally a thin layer of wax or polish was the only option to seal and protect your vehicle offering a wet look shine and minimal protective elements.

In the modern world we now live in there are many advanced ways that shield your car from the elements and the application of a single layer of ceramic paint coating will last a lot longer than previous options and offer superior protection against environmental elements.

In the past few years, we have seen basic paint protection ceramic coatings improve and expand into what we know them today. A super slick, ultra-durable and extremely lasting gloss that is part of the norm now. We choose to use the professional range of ceramic coatings

The application of vehicle paint protection will not only offer a superficial layer to the painted surface but will also offer the car’s paint five-star protection from the elements.

What is involved in the detailing of my car?

Exterior car detailing includes the procedure of cleaning the car from the outside in order to make it look as good as new using the following procedures – paint decontamination, paint correction and finally a sealant or ceramic paint protection. While interior detailing involves the procedure of cleaning the inside portion of your vehicle via vacuum, liquid cleansers and steam in order to make it spotless.

Although majority of people take it upon themselves to clean their vehicle by themselves, we are realizing more and more often that without the right equipment the results can fall short of that professional look and feel that a professional car detailing service can offer.

Many people prefer to go with ceramic paint protection mainly because of the long last effects and extreme gloss levels that can be produced all while making it a lot easier to keep clean and the vehicle looks great the whole season.

Add high quality paint protection for your car

The benefits from adding a nano ceramic paint protection on the surface of your vehicle are huge and one major event that a lot of us like to speak about is the elimination of UV damage to your paint work and no more colour fading from the scorching Australian sun. Interior protection also offers unmatched performance to fabric, carpets, vinyl and leather upholstery installed into your car and having these surfaces properly protected they will offer outstanding protection from sun damage for many years to come.

Detailing carried out through our paint protection service makes it a lot easier to control and remove salt, dirt and bugs from the exterior and interior that may get stuck.

The Mini Detail

At your office or in your driveway – The Mini Detail is more than just a car wash and vacuum!

The Mini Detail will make your vehicle shine and smell good again, onsite service at your location of choice. Add a polish and upgrade this service for a small fee to the Mini Detail + Polish

Prices start from $154 inc GST

The Interior Detail

Picking up a special guest, need a smell removed or does your car have that ‘lived in’ look and feel?

The interior detail service will make you enjoy your vehicle that little bit more while bringing more of the outside view into your cabin from your freshly cleaned windows!

Prices start from $220 inc GST

The Exterior Detail

Car paint can dull after time as it is constantly being exposed to the elements

The exterior detail service will restore the shine and luster to your car’s appearance.

or choose to have a nano ceramic paint protection applied for extra long durability

Prices start from $220 inc GST

The Full Detail

The Full Detail is what we believe is like a day spa for your car!

We will dedicate hours going every inch of your car, returning it to you as just as good if not better then showroom finish!

This is a great car detailing service in Melbourne if you want to prepare your car for sale, maybe a special event or you just want your car looking it’s best again on the inside and out.

Prices start from $297 inc GST

What is paint protection?

We are an approved applicator for Autotriz ceramic and glass paint protection in Melbourne

This is NOT a polish that will only last a few months but a super durable product that is measured in years

Please contact us regarding paint protection prices as there are multiple options to suit your needs and prices do vary according to your requirements

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Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing