Ford paint protection Melbourne

Ford paint protection in Melbourne 

A dark misty cloud may be approaching on the Ford Australia horizon all while drawing nearer to the end of assembling, yet there is still some daylight in the current blue skies with the Ford FGX XR8

Both these stunning examples were prepared and coated in paint protection melbourne from head to toe including all painted surface, glass, plastics, rubber seals and wheels – Approx time taken 8hrs x 2 people … With my passion to continually push the limits of clarity, gloss and detail all for the love of the job – I am George Bayios

Ford has returned the V8 engine. A 5.0-litre supercharged Boss powerhouse unit and Melbourne Mobile Detailing was lucky enough to engage with 2 x FGX XR8 sedans this week both dressed in winter white and now wearing a coat of arms like no other, Paint protection Melbourne … This is what happens when Ford put passion on the line and we are here to protect it

To match the performance of the sporty sedan, the FG X XR8 features front Brembo four-piston caliper brakes and rear single-piston caliper brakes, high-spec cooling fan, limited-slip differential, heavy duty battery and sports steering gear.

The following photos were of both XR8 Sedans in white after the application of Autotriz paint protection

The best coating in Melbourne

ford mustang blue

**Exhilarating power

Whether fuelled by gas or petrol, the FG X Falcon’s innovative range of engines can deliver the power you’d expect from a large car, with the fuel costs and CO2 you’d expect from a smaller one

**Smart technology

The FG X Falcon is the most technologically advanced and intuitive Falcon ever made. With state of the art connectivity features, an innovative and instinctive colour touch screen, and cleverly laid out command controls, you’ve got everything you need to control comfort, climate and communications.

**Kinetic design

With a new updated design, the FG X Falcon continues to offer customers a choice of luxurious sleek style with the G-Series range and sports performance style with the XR range.

**Precise handling

Falcon was the first Australian-built car to be awarded a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. So it’s not surprising the FG X Falcon continues this tradition. With side curtain airbags and dynamic stability control, working hand in hand with its exceptional handling capabilities, it’s designed to keep you and your family safer than ever.

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