How to use the Flex VRG 3401


How to use the Flex VRG 3401

This is simply my way of how I would use the Flex VRG 3401 dual action machine polisher although results will vary on different panel/paint types, pad choice and compounds used


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Heavy Correction Work

I would recommend the speed setting between 5-6

The Flex VRG 3401 really shows its colours and how great it can correct paint within this speed setting

Simply spread your product out using the lower speed settings just to help apread the product over the working area and reduce slinging or product splatter, then simply use your thumb to move the dial up to a higher speed to achieve a great correction

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Polishing/Finishing Down

For any type of polishing work or after you have corrected a panel and want to achieve an even higher finish I recommend bumping the speed down to 3-4 and change the pad to a more softer finishing pad with a polish or finishing compound of your choice

Final Finish/Jewelling or Applying Wax

For that little bit extra pop this process is a must

I believe anytime your doing any final polishing stage using either a super fine polish or jewelling finish then you will want to be on an even lower speed between 2-3 on the flex vrg 3401 with an even softer high gloss pad

Of course the above is all personal preference as each situation is different although I believe this shows some good ranges and advice on how to use and master this tool

We use and prefer the Flex for a variety of reasons here at Melbourne mobile detailing and Paint protection

Happy polishing 🙂

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