How long does a full detail take?

How long does a full detail take?

How long does a full detail take by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Exterior Detail = 8 Hrs

• Wash and dry exterior paint – 1.5
• Detailer’s clay – 1.0
• Tyres and Wheel surfaces – 0.5
• Clean exterior glass – 0.5
• Clean and lightly polish paint – 1.5 (removing light surface scratches)
• Wax or seal paint -1.0
• Clean and protect rubber seals – 0.5
• Exhaust, tyres and trim etc 1.5 hours

Interior Detail =(4.5 hours)

• Brush and Vacuum carpets – 0.5
• Shampoo mats – 0.5
• Shampoo / extract carpet – 1.0
• Clean upholstery – 1.0
• Apply protection to vinyl and leather – 0.5
• Clean interior glass -0.5
• Deodorize interior – 10 min
• Protect carpet and upholstery – 0.5

These times are indicative and are provided as an approximation only

This level of detail on an average sized and condition vehicle would take approx 12 hours, a larger vehicle will obviously take more time, most professional detailers will charge between $750 and $1,000 to do this level of work. (a silica coating will add approx.$250 to $500)

Setting a Price

Setting a price should be fairly simple, materials used plus, a percentage % of (b) items 1 -6, plus Labour costs, plus profit margin


Calculate an hourly rate based on your costs of operation, any cost that is incurred by carrying out business, including your salary and benefits. If the market will allow you to charge more per hour charge it, but never less than what it costs you to operate the business.

a) Materials used (car care products) + expendables (i.e. micro fibre towels, latex gloves, etc.) + depreciation on tools (machine polisher, pads, vacuum, power washer, etc.)

b) Overhead Costs

1. Tools
2. Water
3. Electricity
4. Rent or Lease
5. Insurance, business licence, and etc.
6. Marketing

c) Labour

Estimated time x expected hourly rate
As a general number for actual labour costs multiply hourly rate 1.35 (not including benefits). At a minimum wage of $10.25 per hour that equals $13.87 per hour. Your labour costs should never exceed 30-35% of your total costs so you need to include 3.3x labour costs included in sales to cover all your costs plus profit.

This equates to approx. $42-$45 an hour for a minimum wage employee. (Check these figures as they vary by state)

d) Profit Margin
Percentage profit that you expect to make on sales

Depending on location / skill level / /reputation, to transform a vehicle back to ‘like-new condition; so expect to pay a fair price for the amount of work and materials involved.

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  1. Hi George. Wish you well. Just wondering what is your earliest availability for a full exterior detail plus paint protection at Doncaster area? It’s for a 435i Black 20000ks. Looking forward for your reply. Many thanks Matt
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