Holden Autotriz paint protection

The Holden VF Series II Reserve edition paint protection 

Not offered to the general public and stamped as a Holden employees only vehicle. The Holden VF Series II Reserve edition offered only to permanent employees who have been working for Holden for at least 3 years and this is one of the few to now be wearing a coat of arms by Autotriz paint protection  Where passion meets perfection and quality comes first

The Reserve Edition is flagged to forever be an ongoing source of Holden Pride, whether you garage it for the future or drive it every day.

In a letter signed by Holden MD, Mark Bernhard, the VFII Reserve Edition is described as The creation of people who love and cherish the Commodore nameplate.

Each vehicle has been individually engraved with the owners unique employee number ID on the vehicles build plate and to help bump the future collectible status, each Holden Reserve edition vehicle comes with its production line broadcast sheet.

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A priceless check sheet that accompanies each vehicle through its build process at Holdens Elizabeth plant.

The very limited reserve edition of its final, VFII Commodore will include the following customized extras for no additional cost

19-inch bespoke wheels

Reserve edition

Embroidered dash padding

Head up display

Tire pressure monitoring system

Commemorative key case

The letter sent to current and recently departed employees explains that a group of staff came up with the idea of the special-edition Commodore model shortly after the announcement that Holden will end local manufacturing in 2017.

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  1. This really is a perishable car and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to apply paint protection to my cars. Thanx again George your your attention to detail is meticulous and show the highest respect in what you do. Keep up the good work and I will see you in the near future when I receive my next car 😉

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