Mazda paint protection Melbourne

The very best Mazda paint protection is available and professionally applied by contact Melbourne mobile detailing who are well known for their attention to detail and 5 star service from start to finish

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic coatings not only because they are developed and manufactured in Germany but because the products on offer have unmatched durability, gloss, scratch and chemical resistance.

Autotriz the best paint protection in Melbourne has been independently tested and the results can easily be downloaded and viewed so there are no smoke and mirrors  – We choose the highest grade product and apply it properly without any shortcuts

With the best Mazda paint protection and offering nothing like no other with a far more affordable price then a dealership could sting you for and applied by the team from Melbourne Mobile Detailing. This is almost a no brainier option

Life without compromise – Imaginative technologies, evolved design and renewed interior, The new Mazda6 is driving excitement without compromise.

Superior driving and class defying. This is the Mazda6. A mark of distinction

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The All-New Mazda6 design is already turning heads and now even more with a premium paint protection was applied to this vehicle by George at Melbourne Mobile Detailing! Taking the joy of driving in Melbourne to new heights, with exhilarating handling and performance and high performance diesel engines with increased power and torque from even less fuel.

new car paint protection

Mazda6 has a whole new chassis and exciting new safety technology, the safest, most advanced Mazda ever
The Mazda6’s styling, confidence building handling and rich interior make it one of the best looking and enjoyable family sedans around …
We loved the new Mazda6 finesse

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