New Car Paint Protection: Everything You Need to Know

Ceramic and Graphene coatings

Paint protection treatment is an extra but optional service offered initially by dealerships mainly to new car buyers, however, over years there are now more experienced professional ceramic coating applicators and advanced products in the market leaving some original products obsolete.

The service to apply paint protection is a tedious one and involves a large process of paint preparation and the application of a combination of clear chemicals on top of the car’s original paint so the two can bond.

The applied layers form a sacrificial layer and shield the paint from damage resulting from scratches, tree sap, stone chips, and bird droppings. It also aids in maintaining the factory-fresh look on a new car by ensuring the paint doesn’t fade by reducing UV exposure from the atmosphere. This can be achieved without any noticeable change on the car’s surface, other than the usual expectations being a high gloss slippery finish

The paint protection process is one of the best low-maintenance and reliable ways of keeping a car looking as good as possible for years depending on which product you choose and the quality of the application. The cost of this service is not definite and usually varies depending on the type of paint protection, the make & model of the car, and the applicator’s experience. High-quality ceramic and graphene coatings can be driven home in the rain within 2 hrs of application

Car cleaning detailing protection, Best Paint Protection For New Cars
New car paint protection

Introducing Australian-made nano ceramic paint protection coatings – One of the standout protective coating products in Australia and Europe and for good reason. This paint protection surface coating product has been tested by industry experts, chemical processes and professionals with reference to the highest industry standards and is certified to meet the D6-17487 specification.

Exterior paint protection

The product features a high-performance ceramic formula of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) and Graphene. The result is a coating that gives the raw paintwork durability and a long-lasting shine. Thanks to the coating’s abrasion-resistant nature, you don’t have to worry about waxing or shining your new car’s paint.

The paint protection coating is also hard, and the universal MOHs Hardness Scale has tested this. The scale, which ranks the resistance level of substances, rates the product as four times harder than the usual quartz-based surface protection products offered today.

Overall, supporting Australian manufacturing is not only a benefit but offering one of the highest grades in coatings and one of the best protection products currently offered by authorized applicators like Melbourne Mobile Detailing paint protection.

The problems with some ceramic coatings

Nano ceramic paint protection coatings and some of their issues. We believe its important to be informed when choosing the right paint protection option for your new car

Car cleaning detailing protection, Best Paint Protection For New Cars

Written by George Bayios from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

We have made a list of the multitude of questions that many of our clients want to know the answer to, but are sometimes too worried to ask.

I am aware of all the benefits and positives of having my car treated with a coating but what are some of the problems, issues or negative aspects that can come with a ceramic coatings?

At Melbourne Mobile Detailing (MMD) transparency and honesty is everything, I have been running this business for over 10 years now and while I did start off with the usual wash, cut and polish or interior vacuum the last 6 years I have only specialised in paint correction and ceramic coatings while aiming for a 5 star service from start to finish. So to answer this question ..

Are ceramic coatings a invisible force field, that is bullet proof, scratch proof and no matter what happens will never be affected? Absolutely not!!!

Sadly this industry has been over exaggerated and many distributors, applicators and/or neighbours have promised the world only to come out short

Although what you will find is that most problems related to ceramic coatings can be rectified by having a professional applicator that not only informs you but makes you aware of these possible issues, educates you on how to prevent them, and explains why they exist.

I choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection for my clients

Education is key and once explained properly then it becomes a lot easier to understand the how, what and where these issues may arise from and how to reduce the risk of such complications

Contact your local Autotriz authorised applicator here for a breakdown of what our service includes and pricing structure with the variety of coatings that will suit your need

Issue #1: The upfront cost and weighing out the benefits.

Yes, ceramic coatings are expensive (Genuine coatings by a reputable brands are) and that upfront cost is difficult for many prospective clients to wrap their head around. $800 + for a 2 year coating? $1,000+ for a professional grade coating? But its a good idea to keep in mind that these prices include preparation and the cost of materails including the coating itself

I find the best way to break down this issue is with the following. How much value will the coating add to the vehicle?

If the coating does what it says (and is guaranteed if you are purchasing from a certified applicator that offers a genuine warranty) and your vehicle looks very similar to the way it did when you first purchased it, the increase in overall value is going to easily surpass that up front cost of having the coating applied?

Either in resale or trade in value, simply the protection it self will cover the up front cost of the coating, not to mention the much reduced price of having a detailer or detail shop cut into your paint work, wax and seal the vehicle 2, 3, 4 times a year which in turn will minimize the paint thickness and cause more damage then good over a few years.

If you are paying $200 to have the vehicle waxed 3 times a year, in as little as two years you have recouped the cost of a professional grade coating, while receiving much better protection and not causing unnecessary damage to your paint work

Issue #2: Water spotting/etching

Yes, ceramic coated vehicles can be susceptible to water spots, but so is every other type of vehicle. The key here is taking proper care to dry the vehicle, or if using automatic car washes, making sure they have a spot free rinse at the end of the wash.

Water spots happen when water is left to dry on the surface and as the water evaporates it leaves behind the minerals that were picked up in the water.

These minerals are what makes up those pesky water spots and certainly ruin the look of your paint work over time

This is where I believe proper education is invaluable. If you were to perform a rinse-less wash to the vehicle, the chance of water spots falls to none. Although it opens up another box of issues in itself and will leave that for another blog post

If you were to two bucket method to wash the vehicle, washing it in the morning or evening during hot months, then drying it completely, the chance of water spots is very minimal.
While this can be an issue, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Issue #3: Premature failure

Ouch, this is a scary one. I’m going to hand over my hard earned money for this product that may fail, and there is a possibility it can fail on me? Yes, coatings can prematurely fail.

That being said, in the hundreds of coatings applied, I have never had to reapply a professional grade coating.

The only re applications I have done were on coatings that had got to the end of their life cycle (such as two year coatings) or coatings that are cheap and cheerful which in turn were never applied properly from the start by someone else

So how does one prevent this? Well there are a couple of ways.
1. Use a reputable detailer that you trust, do your research online and have a look for their reviews, videos, comments and even call them as its easy to get a feel of how much passion the applicator has for his work after a few short minutes over the phone. (Call me id love to have a chat George – 0421 943 227)

Also be sure that your chosen applicator uses products that are trusted, independently tested and proven over time, there have been a few shops starting to use their own in house coating making unrealistic claims and offering up to 4 or 5 layers of coating, some even want your car in their workshop for over 1 week (Warning signs and many bells ring here).

Most reasons people would hide the brand name they use and or offer a different name would be cost cutting and not wanting the consumer to know the brand they currently use because of cost cutting methods or they use a coating that simply does not offer a warranty and they would in turn offer you an inhouse warranty that you simply cannot claim on without going through a dispute process.

The list can go on and on but its obvious why this can be a dodgy practice.

A good detailer will not only stand behind his/her work, but will be completely transparent about the products and processes they use (Passionate applicators will not relabel a cheap/cheerful coating to try and rip off their customers with the unknown).

There will be no mystery or subterfuge involved, you will be completely informed about what you are purchasing, the brand offered, how it works, how the process works, and your responsibilities once the product is applied.

This way a customer can do research online and be advised on what product they are purchasing to have applied

2. Use a detailer that offers a manufacturers warranty or guarantee on the coatings they sell. Not only a workmanship guarantee but also a fully backed warranty by the manufacturer of the coating they choose to use.

While there are often requirements in order to keep or uphold a warranty, it does provide peace of mind to the consumer that if something goes wrong with the product or service provided, they will not be responsible for paying to fix it later on.

While warranties are not always 100% guaranteed protection against risk, they do offer you a “second layer” of defense when combined with a professional detailer that conducts him or herself with the highest level of integrity.

Hopefully this article will shine some light onto you about the issues that can come with ceramic coatings.

In my opinion as a professional, the long term benefits to your vehicle far outweigh the risks, especially considering a majority of the risk comes from the detailer hired to apply the coating, not the product brand itself.

George Bayios
Melbourne Mobile Detailing
0421 943 227

Cost of new car paint protection in Melbourne

How much does paint protection cost in Melbourne?

Many are obsessed at the price of paint protection for their new car before asking critical questions like – Product being used? Preparation involved? Who is applying my coating? And most importantly what benefits can I expect

We believe the benefits out way the initial paint protection cost dramatically! A vehicle that is not protected from the elements depreciates much quicker then a vehicle that is protected and will look cleaner, shinier for.

Car cleaning detailing protection, Best Paint Protection For New Cars

Environmental fallout, bird/bat droppings, acid rain and everything else the world will throw at your paint work will cause havoc and soon enough your beautiful new cars paint work will become and look weathered.

What we charge might not be the same as what others might charge but please consider the options and compare apples with apples

Compare apples with apples when it comes to paint protection options

We choose to use German made ceramics manufactured by Autotriz, we perform the very best paint preparation and we also choose to not skip any corners, resulting in a high gloss super smooth finish and the product being applied properly.

Many applicators quote on the vehicles make and cars value, we choose to price our jobs on the amount of work required and the size of the vehicle which will give us a clear understanding of how much product will be used.  Prices starts at $990 inc GST and approx time needed per vehicle is 6 – 7 hrs

On top of the necessary paint decontamination most new cars will only need a single stage paint correction and paint sterilisation before a ceramic coating can be applied to the exterior surfaces, although some new cars may require a dual stage paint correction.

Vehicles coming from overseas do have fall out that needs to be removed through a clay

In rare occurrences there is a need for a triple stage paint correction and this is mainly used for paint work that is full of deep scratches, paint fading, spider webbing and swirl marks.

What are the benefits of a nano ceramic paint protection

Coatings are great and can protects against the following:

  • Colour fading
  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Oxidation
  • Bug splatter
  • Brid droppings
  • Road grime
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Corrosion
  • Hard water staining
  • Lights scratches

Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing 0421943227

Click here to contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing and Paint Protection 

Paint protection lifetime warranty – The facts

New car paint protection lifetime warranty 

The facts and what to be aware of

Lifetime warranty on a new car ceramic paint protection coating. So you just purchased a new vehicle and the dealership has just sat you down to tell you all about this amazing new revolutionary product that’s like no other, called “ceramic glass paint protection made with super duper unicorn tears by NASA” it comes with all the bells and whistles as well as a lifetime warranty..

Amazing right? How can one possibly go wrong with such an investment?.. Well, let’s dig a little deeper and see what we can discover

If your one of the few that manages to get out of the “after sales pressure room” which is full of hopes and dreams circled around this amazing product and you decide to be a wise and educated customer who would prefer to do a whole heap of google searching, product hunting and review investigating only to find yourself doing the ring around to a few paint protection professionals then  find yourself buried in a mountain of even more confusing gibberish.

One company has options of up to 9 layers of protection and priced accordingly (9 layers.. really? Excuse me while I bury my head in confusion) then there is some who also offer lifetime warranty while others claim to be professional grade “ceramic glass unicorn tears” but with no independent certifications or testing results, some require you to leave your new car with them for 4+ days just so they can offer you the maximum damage to your wallet and then there is a small handful of applicators that seem too genuine about the whole process and makes it sound a little unbelievable. So who is offering the right product for you? Which one is over-hyped exaggeration? And who is trying to flood you with lies simply to score your hard earned cash?

Found out more about new car paint protection here

Let’s try explain some of these and cut out the confusion. Does a lifetime warranty mean that the paint protection will last for the next 10 years? 20 years even or a lifetime of neglect? Is there even such a thing as 5, 8 or even 10 layers of paint protection? Will your car be protected forever and ever? How long is a lifetime? Does anything man-made ever last a lifetime?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing and have been in the detailing industry for approximately 10 years with the last 4 years simply specializing in aftermarket paint protection and I will take this opportunity to try explain some of the above questions in my own terms and a way that I feel is understandable to most

What is paint protection?, why the need for so many layers and this lifetime warranty? What on earth is that?

Most people would have heard of the following terms (car paint protection, ceramic, glass, anti-scratch, coatings) all while in the market for a new car or just general chit chat with a few friends about detailing over lunch or a beer.

If your here reading this blog then I am sure someone, somewhere has had a discussion with you about the option of having your vehicle treated and protected from the elements.

In my opinion I  feel the need to explain that there is no use or any major benefit from having up to 9 layers of paint protection applied and I would want to question, if this is just another way to extract as much cash from the customer where as on the other hand, some new car dealerships tend to employ a dedicated sales person  to offer you the aftermarket protection product and package it all up like a gift which can include tinting, exterior/interior protection and sometimes even free floor mats and a toe bar just to get you over the line. Applicators, installers or sales people who offer a product with a lifetime warranty tend to also be very quick and constantly mentioning that they back their product with a lifetime warranty and may even address it a few times in their sales pitch.

The reason why this warranty gets mentioned during their selling pitch is because this is exactly what they are selling you. In majority of cases a mediocre grade product is applied sparingly over your new vehicle, behind closed doors where no one can monitor the progress then a nice fancy warranty card is offered to you. This warranty card is exactly what is getting sold to you and not so much the product itself which can even be a very light polish and not even a ceramic coating. (Best you ask what the product brand is and a quick google search may offer you more insight on the product itself) So what does this actually mean or doesn’t mean?

Let’s talk about the term car paint protection.  What does it really mean?

Protection for automotive paint is simply a sacrificial barrier between the clear coat on your vehicle and the atmosphere; it is easier to explain being split into two main categories waxes/ sealants and coatings. All three of these types of products can be referred to as a layer of protection that goes onto the paint simply protecting it from the elements, and they all have different properties, strengths, weaknesses and of course durability.

Before coatings came along, wax or sealants with a 3-18 month durability was referred to as paint protection and sadly these are still offered in some workshops as a lifetime paint protection option. Coatings on the other hand can see results from 1-7 years in durability dependant on the preparation and the quality of the coating itself

There are two major industries offering paint protection, the car dealerships and professional detailing companies and in many cases you will find many offering lifetime warranties. So let’s get into what a lifetime warranty really is and what does this mean to you

Is there a paint protection that lasts a lifetime??

Currently as of 2018 and to my best of knowledge, the longest lasting coating on the market that also offers independent testing certification from TÜV SÜD (A globally recognized testing, certification, inspection and training provider located in Munich Germany) is by Autotriz™ offering products with a half life of 5+ years respectfully depending on factors such as how much the vehicle is used, how the vehicle is maintained, what products are used to wash and clean the vehicle and most importantly how well the coating was applied in the first place.

There is no coating on the market that lasts a lifetime in the real world. Yes even if you put 10 layers of any ceramic quartz pro glass coating onto a car, believe it or not anything that is man-made will not last a lifetime

Lifetime warranties

The Lifetime Warranty, that wonderful use of words that many sales people and even some paint protection coating companies are now using, unfortunately is now also being used by some manufactures of coatings and by the car detailers who are applying these coatings simply to get you over the line

In many instances the lifetime warranty is a draw card used to raise the image of a product, otherwise if you just got told that the car dealership was going to put a $30 bottle of sealant onto your vehicle and would take them around 60 minutes to apply with a realistically expectation to last 6 months or so and you were expected to pay $2000 for it, do you think that any-one would actually fall for it?

This is where I believe education is key. Surely when not informed this sounds like a fantastic deal but when you break it down and understand it a little bit more then you quickly realize this isn’t all that’s it’s supposed to be

So why offer a lifetime warranty, if the product will only last a small period of time? Majority of the time these warranties have been designed to iron out any possibility that you as the customer will be able to make a claim against the product itself and make it very hard to get any repair work done without you taking the blame and forking out more cash

So how do these companies get away with selling warranties?

Our consumer laws in Australia are fairly tight, so how do these companies get away with this? The good old trusty fine print! Nearly all of these companies will have similar written contracts done up to get out of the warranty under any scenario. Let’s have a read of one that we found readily available online and for a coating that is being offered in Australia. Surprisingly this is a fairly respected brand and we are not saying that the product is bad, nor of poor quality but what we want to address how the lifetime warranty works in this specific situation. In red are the key areas of concern and we have removed any brand names as we are trying to concentrate on the wording of these contracts, not the product itself.

Have you ever looked or read some of these lifetime warranty contracts?

Here’s one we found readily available and used for general public. Please note the company and product names have been removed

******* warrant the vehicles exterior painted surface coated with ****** Paint Protection under the following Terms & Conditions from environmental induced contamination damage such as bird droppings, tar, tree sap, bug impacts and oxidation. Should this damage occur, and providing that all of the terms and conditions have been met, ****** will rectify the damage to what we deem acceptable under the “Limit of Liability”.

Period of Cover

New & Used Vehicles are covered for the life of vehicle ownership if annual service requirements are met. (See: Annual Inspection). Failure to undertake an annual service within the required period will change the period of cover to “5 Years” from the date of the last service which cannot be reversed. Once the 5 years has transpired the warranty will be terminated. Early termination can also occur at our discretion at any time without the need for notice

General conditions

  1. Warranty cover is only valid if the Approved Applicator has issued a Warranty Card and it has been registered within 30 days of application.
  2. The vehicle must remain at all times registered for road use within Australia.
  3. Only vehicles registered as Passenger Vehicles will be warranted. Commercial vehicles of any kind will not be covered.
  4. Vehicles over 3 months old must require a machine polish to be carried out by an approved applicator prior to application, newer vehicles may also require a machine polish if advised by the approved applicator.
  5. In the event of damage / repair to the surface (ie, accident repair) the vehicle must be taken to an approved applicator for retreatment to the repaired area at the owner’s expense within 45 days.
  6. Warranty is in the name of the vehicle owner and cannot be transferred.
  7. Should a product reapplication be required (eg. vehicle accident) you or your insurer are liable for a reapplication fee, determined by the approved applicator.
  8. The vehicle exterior paint work must be maintained and washed regularly to ****** recommendations to prevent contamination build up (ie, fortnightly/monthly). Improper or irregular washing techniques may deem this warranty void


  1. Where the owner has deemed to have been careless, negligent or fails to maintain the exterior painted surface in the correct manner.
  2. Pre-existing damage to the painted surface.
  3. Damage to the coated surface by incorrect manual wash techniques, automatic car washes, brushes or contaminated wash tools that may cause abrasion, or damage caused by a third party not authorised by ******.
  4. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the painted surface.
  5. Damage caused by collision, accidental damage, vandalism, malicious damage, fire, hail, flood, stones, collision, surface rust, rail dust, physical damage, paint overspray, water etch or vehicle manufacturer’ defects, or defects which may be covered under a manufacturers or dealerships protection plan.
  6. Area’s that have not been retreated after a paint repair.
  7. Any loss of time or use of the vehicle while it undergoes inspections or treatments.

Annual Inspection (Lifetime Warranty)

  1. Annual Inspections must be carried out by an approved applicator, within 30 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service to maintain the lifetime warranty.
  2. Failure to undertake an annual inspection within the required period will change the period of cover to 5 Years from the date of the last service with annual inspections no longer required.
  3. A fee determined by the approved applicator will be charged for the Annual Inspection which includes – Exterior Wash, Decontamination and Inspection.

Limit of Liability (Claims) –

  1. Damage that may be covered under this warranty must be made aware to an approved applicator within 30 days, failure to comply will result in this warranty being terminated.
  2. A Claim “Inspection Fee” of a minimum of $198.00 is payable, this is refunded if the warranty claim is approved for repair by *******.
  3. Claim determination is at the sole discretion of ******, either approving the repair / retreatment by an approved applicator or refunding the application cost to the vehicle owner at a maximum of $1000 and terminating the warranty, whichever is less.
  4. Any dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of ********, Australia, the involved parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of that State.

End of contract

As you can see, the companies that offer such lifetime warranties have really looked after themselves and covered almost every situation while allowing them to get out of the contract in any way they want.

You could make the obvious statement that this coating in reference will generally last 5 years or under, which is feasible as majority of high grade coatings will last between 5-7years and some of the cheaper ones should get you around 2 years.

So how many consumers do you think even read or see this contract from the company before application of the product? Would you really go into a contract without reading it? Why should you have to pay an inspection fee every year? A lot of people sell their cars before 5 years any way so once again the contract is void since it can’t be passed on and let’s not forget, if you do have a claim, manage to do everything stated in this contract and the said company was having a good day then decided to accept your claim they would only cover what they deem to be a maximum of $1000 in damages only to terminate your warranty for any future claims.

WOW!! Take a moment and let that sink in a little bit here

The lifetime warranty does not actually mean the product lasts that long and I don’t know anyone that would call 5 years a lifetime. We have also noticed that most lifetime warranties offered for car paint protection are almost identical contracts while some are worse than others.

Just to add a bit of fuel to the fire we rang one of the associated applicators, as a customer of course, with a genuine inquiry to how this particular coating system can offer a lifetime warranty? What are the real conditions to this type of warranty? and whether there were any catches that we should be aware of before proceeding to purchase this option for our new car. To our disbelief there was no mention of annual inspections and we were told that the product would out live the vehicle. Nor did the authorized applicator know about the warranty card or how the process would unfold in the case of a warranty even though he/she continued to clearly notify us on many occasions that they have been applying said coating for many years without any warranty claims (Makes you think right, how can you make a warranty claim when the applicator themselves don’t even know about the warranty process)

So in conclusion

Most aftermarket paint protection packages currently on offer by dealerships and professional detailers last anywhere from around 2-7 years respectfully. Any paint protection that is offered with a “Lifetime Warranty” would surely have some type of contract filled with many clauses and loopholes that may not even be worth the paper it is written on and I would suggest reading this contract before going ahead and handing over your money

We hope some of the above information has answered most if not all your questions about the horribly confusing and downright misleading industry paint protection has unfortunately become.

Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Who is Melbourne mobile detailing?

Why choose Melbourne mobile detailing and paint protection?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is George and I am small part of the group we are widely known as MMD (Melbourne Mobile Detailing), I have been a car detailer for approximately 15 years and the last 10 years have personally dedicated myself to specialize in aftermarket new car nano ceramic paint protection while my associates help out with generalized detailing and I offer training and support for multiple dealerships across Melbourne

Melbourne Mobile Detailing and paint protection enjoys touching base with our readers and always keep them up to date with what we can offer and what the future holds regarding advancements in coatings and especially any great news for nano ceramic paint protection and films. The paint protection we choose to use is a thermoplastic urethane base widely used on vulnerable painted automotive surfaces and other areas we prefer to use film such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities and door edges. This method can offer superior protection of the car paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

Believe it or not we have many of our friends who ask us virtually every second day if we can coat their jet skies, boats, RV’s, cell phones, TV screens, and other various electronics… The answer is YES!!!  We can 🙂

Majority of the western world, America and Europe have been conventionally the largest consumers of nano ceramic paint protection films. However, rapid expansion economic development, particularly in China, has shifted the balance, thus Asia Pacific is anticipated to emerge as the leading market over the forecast period. The shift of automotive manufacturing to countries such as China, India, and Thailand has contributed towards the regional industry’s growth and Australia seems to be at the forefront of this movement. Who better to use when you need such services then the best in the industry dealing with the very best products by Autotriz – innovative surface creation

Paint protection can offer protection to car paint from sand, road debris, bug acids and other harsh conditions that may damage your new car finish. These protective methods are made tough, transparent and conformable for long-term durability and extreme gloss while offering the advantage that it can treat any painted surface.

A great benefit of such products is it enables your vehicles lines and colour brilliance to show through without compromising the appearance, increasing pride of ownership and overall getting the very best return when its time to trade in for a newer model. The high-performance and extreme durability of these products ensures excellent adhesion to paint, yet is removable if required by specialist tools. Paint protection features are similar to a clear coat although is far more harder, glossier and offers the added bonus of ultraviolet (UV) protection that counteracts harmful UV rays and resists oxidization/aging.

You can be assured that paint protection maintains your car’s high-gloss look with minimal care, while helping to keep it’s looking better for longer time.​ ​

How is the paint protection market growing?​

The global paint protection market is expected to reach USD 1.49 billion by 2022 (This information was based on a quick google search and a few guestimates from others in online forums). The growth of the automotive industry coupled with rising consumer awareness regarding car protection is expected to remain key factors driving the market growth for this specific industry

Global paint protection market size was valued at USD 863.8 million in 2014. Rapidly expanding automotive industry particularly in emerging economies of Asia Pacific and Latin America is expected to remain a key driving factor for the global paint protection market.

 Why Melbourne mobile detailing and paint protection?​

MMD offers the very best options from Autotriz paint protection film. Not only are Autotriz products made in Germany but they are the pack leader in chemical advancements offering the very best combination for durability and clarity not previously available in the market.

Should I buy paint protection for my new car?

Purchased a new car now looking for paint protection in Melbourne?

Hello my name is George from Melbourne mobile detailing and after many years of specializing in aftermarket car paint protection and answering many questions on the topic I have decided to write up a little blog of the most common questions I get asked virtually every second day

I’m so confused.. Should I get paint protection and what’s the difference from all of the ones available?

Hard to believe but hundreds of cars, trucks and marine equipment are sold and delivered across Melbourne each and every week. During the purchasing and waiting for delivery process, prospective buyers and recipients of their new cars often are presented with some dilemmas and questions:

Some of these questions are as follows and we have tried to answer them the most honest and best way we could

Q – “What Is Paint Protection?

Paint protection is a loosely defined term that can easily be misused. Technically any sort of wax, sealant or spray that provides even a minor enhancement and minimal protection from the elements can be classed as a paint protection. This creates genuine confusion to the unknown and the more you inquire, the more it can get confusing and daunting offering misinterpreted idea of what paint protection really is.

Genuine ceramic protection is what professional detailers refer to as paint protection. Once the paint work has been decontaminated and corrected only then is when these high grade products can be applied offering a superficial layer that’s resistance to acid and alkaline attacks, water repellent, self cleaning and extremely scratch resistant. The advancing technology in this area has seen many great improvements in recent years and it just seems to be getting better each and every year

Q – “Should I get Paint Protection for the car? And if I do, which product do I choose? where do I find it? Who can I trust to install it properly? Should I consider the dealerships protection packages? There are so many options, where do I find the right answers?”

New car owners often get no information regarding the product to be applied on their cars or they find themselves bombarded by various paint protection options with too much information and having to filter through the various claims, we’ve decided to try and help by providing some information and removing some of the hype and myths along the way.

For many people we believe the words paint protection, teflon, ceramic, nano, diamond infused or coating is completely foreign and has little to no meaning. The dealership will be offering their own products meanwhile many paint protection specialists around Melbourne use a variety of products and each will believe theirs is the best and for various reasons. After a few phone calls or online inquiries you will have a handful of information to filter through and this can be extremely overwhelming

Please keep in mind that not all products are the same and every product out there has its pro’s and con’s. In order to understand the depth of this topic lets break it down to 2 easy methods of approach PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic sealant or in lamens terms Teflon or wax) and Glass, Quartz, Ceramics AKA coatings (Generally made up of nano particles derived from SIO2 Silica).

In Melbourne, majority of dealerships and possibly many car cleaners and detailers are using what we call (Synthetic Sealants) PTFE as their form of paint protection as it is cheap, quick and easy to use and looks great with a durability of a few months. Find out more about Synthetic Sealants, PTFE, Teflon paint protection here

Most synthetic sealants will be labelled with keywords like ‘PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or polymer (resin compounds)’ and these are very important when it comes down to knowing, what type of protection is expected and longevity that can be offered by these products. Synthetic sealants and polymers are fantastic at what they were designed to do with the expectation to resist environmental elements for around 6-9 months. A fantastic improvement compared to waxes which can last anywhere from a few weeks to 3 months although just like waxes, these sealants and polymers are not resistant to chemical etching, salt water, UV light and offer very little resistance to scratching  and marring of the paint work. Ahead of its time and great when first released but sadly this technology is outdated and still used by many people in the aftermarket paint protection industry


Q – “The dealership or detailer is offering me a lifetime warranty? I’m so confused”

Just like every important aspect in life, always be sure to read the fine print as many of these warranties will have conditions like – The use of our own branded car wash is required, vehicle must be maintained on a regular basis, yearly reapplication or inspection is required and the list goes on, any clauses in these warranties are so broad and virtually offer no warranty or peace of mind to the consumer but it is more about protecting the product brand and the manufacturer. Please note it’s very important to realize that the lifetime warranty does not in any shape or fashion correlate to the lifespan of the product. These are two very different categories. If the product does not last longer than 3-5 years, it will likely require reapplication annually.

Potential buyers receiving this style of product should question the warranty and the product heavily. In simple terms “stay away from a PTFE or sealant that offers a lifetime warranty”

The solution to the unrealistic lifespan of synthetic sealants has come in the form of what we know them of as “coatings” and can be made up of different technologies including – liquid glass, SiO2, ceramic and quartz. Don’t loose track and start getting confused, they are all very similar with subtle differences and offer slight advantages to each other regardless of branding or labels. Most popular brands are fantastic and are superior in all forms versus the synthetic sealants being offered as a DIY paint protection.

There is also a handful of lesser known coatings available as well which are fantastic at what they do and offer a realistic approach and warranty terms compared to some over hyped popular brands out there

Q – “Do I really need paint protection?”

A high quality aftermarket ceramic paint protection applied by a professional detailer is a great investment. New age paint is thinner and less resistant to damage than ever before and I personally believe it is necessary to have a superficial layer offering protection to the elements and keeping your car cleaning for longer.

Q –  “Paint protection is a scam, you don’t need it, if it was so important then why don’t car manufactures have it applied before they deliver the car?”

The paint protection market is lucrative industry for manufactures and suppliers. Whenever there is a market where people get easily confused and do not fully understand the product, you will find what I call “sharks” in other words “scammers”.

As mentioned above the paint protection industry is full of hype and marketing claims that simply aren’t true. From lifetime warranties on PTFE sealants to 99H nuclear resistant super tough and bullet proof coatings. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines

A lifetime of protection or a coating that is resistant to bullets or bricks being thrown at it, surely the “BS” bell rings loudly here.

In truth car manufacturers are price conscious and already apply a sealant to the paint work prior to delivery. Ceramic coatings can be ultra expensive and simply put, having this applied on every delivered vehicle not only will be a very time consuming effort but will also blow the budget. So it is your responsibility on how you want to maintain your vehicle for the long term.

Overall there will always be conflicting information on car paint protection, but the simple truth is a high quality coating will really protect your car for 5 years plus depending on how you maintain and look after the coating itself. Nothing man made lasts a lifetime and paint protection is not exempt from this rule, coatings will go down their own path in life slowly and gradually deteriorating just like everything else around us does.

You should not buy a particular product based on its warranty but more look for results achieved and go with the one you like the most.

The actual benefits of a properly applied paint protection is simply awesome and it’s a shame the market has been saturated with ridiculous claims that have done no one any good other then tarnish the industry and led people to believe it is just another over exaggerated hype that will eventually disappear .

So why would anyone consider a protective coating and what really are the benefits for your car?

  1. Protection against environmental contaminants, atmosphere fallout, bird droppings, extended UV exposure etc…

Although your factory clear coat protects the underlying pigment fantastically from harmful environmental impacts, the paint underneath is actually quite soft and susceptible to acid and alkaline attacks.

You’re probably aware of the risks of leaving bird and bat droppings on your paint. Factory paint is actually weak at resisting chemical attacks from bird droppings, bat droppings, bug splatter and acid rain. A ceramic paint protection is much better at protecting against these attacks and can save you thousands in repainting costs in the future.

  1. Ease of vehicle upkeep, self cleaning effects and less time spent cleaning

Factory paint on new cars can quickly become flat and attract dirt once the protective layer dissipates, this can be either a cheap simple wax or sealant. A ceramic coating will not simply fall off after a few months and actually adds a barrier that repels dirt, water and road grime sticking to the surface of your car thus helping the vehicle stay clean longer. Keep in mind another great advantage of a ceramic barrier it helps reduce the friction between dirt and the paint not only offering a cleaner surface for longer but a greatly reduced chance of scratches (aka swirl marks) and micro marring from any future washing processes.

In conclusion and to recap on everything mentioned above

Car paint protection has found itself under the spotlight time and time again, with as much good publicity as bad. I frequently hear horror stories from customers that purchased the product that offered them the world and was a few hundred dollars cheaper, after only a few short months the paint looks flat and the water behaviour isn’t beading at all. The story often starts with an attractive after sales agent right after the handshake of a new car or searching for an aftermarket paint protection product that is cheaper and offering the world of benefits.

The sad reality is paint protection isn’t made equal and although they technically added a layer of “protection”, that layer can either be an easy-to-apply synthetic wax that provides as much protection as a decent bottle of wax found on the shelves of your local auto store or it could be a ceramic coating which will offer you years of protection. The end choice is yours to make and an educated decision is what you really want to make

Regardless if you are buying a new Porsche worth over $250,000 or a Kia valued at $20,000 the protection doesn’t discriminate and offers the same benefit to either vehicle.

Please note I’m not suggesting that all dealerships or car cleaners are slapping on a coat of the finest turtle wax on your car and charging you thousands for the privilege. I personally cover a lot of training and offer aftermarket support to many dealerships around Melbourne who choose to not simply apply a wax or sealant but actually want to offer a proper coating to their clients

Melbourne Mobile Detailing is endlessly trying out new products and proven to be at the forefront of nano ceramic paint protection in Melbourne offering only the highest grade of products. We choose to offer these products not just because of the high grade  of chemicals they offer but also because the Australian distributors stand behind their product range 100% and won’t look for excuses every time there might be an issue. What this means to the consumer is that we can offer them what we believe is the highest grade of protection with outstanding after care support and knowing that if there ever is an issue that we are all in it together to find the cause, rectify the situation and brainstorm on how we can stop this issue from happening again in the future

For more great write ups or honest down to earth advice feel free to contact myself directly George 0421943227 or email us at [email protected]

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Mercedes C250 with the application of Cquartz Finest paint protection in Melbourne

Mercedes C250 with CQuartz Finest Paint Protection – This changes everything

The best knows no alternative and this is the best in every format… Welcome to the Mercedes C250

The Mercedes C250 is even more refined with the application of Cquartz Finest paint protection in Melbourne

Get it done right the first time – Choose Cquartz Finest

Work and photos was performed and taken by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing and Paint Protection Melbourne

Enjoy the happy snaps 🙂

A saloon which embodies refined sportiness with its design idiom, with its flowing, precise lines and generosity new scope, which offers your wishes more freedom. Set new standards, experience inimitable refinement.

The C-Class, this is the C250 … Welcome to a whole new level of refinement

The best knows no alternative and this is the best in every format

The C-Class Sedan has grown appreciably elegant in every way all while its organic styling clearly setting itself apart from its predecessor. The varied interplay between lines, edges, convex and concave surfaces creates vibrant and exciting contrasts across the entire vehicle.

The best knows no alternative and this is the best in every aspect… The Mercedes C250 requires no introduction
Stunning German engineering even more refined wearing a coat of arms by Cquartz Finest – When passion, meeets perfection

Cquartz Finest paint protection was applied by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing, where passion meets perfection

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 0421 943 227 (George)

Website – or click here –> Paint protection melbourne


Subaru new car paint protection

Subaru new car paint protection

What is the best new car paint protection for Subaru vehicles in Melbourne

Photos and video was taken after the application and performed by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Introducing the Subaru WRX. One relentlessly performance-driven philosophy.
Raw power. Total control. Sleek sophistication. WRX raise the bar on pure driving enjoyment.

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic. The best paint protection for your new car

The following video was taken after the application of Autotriz nano ceramic new car paint protection in Melbourne. The reason why we choose this style of coating is we have found that it exceeds the durability of many other products on the market and offers a super glossy hydrophobic finish that is simply unmatched

Offering exhilarating performance and urban sophistication in equal measures, the Subaru WRX delivers a driving experience you won’t want to end
The Subaru WRX is a beast on 4 wheels that was recently awarded the Best Performance Car Under $100K.

Offering this high quality product on subaru is virtually a no brainer as you want to apply the very best product and have it applied by a professional detailer who is an authorised applicator

It brings together grace, control and astounding power in one iconic package. From its adrenalin pumping 221kW of power and 407Nm of torque to its gravel-gripping low centre of gravity, WRX screams performance.

Curious on what issues paint protection can have if not applied properly?

But just quietly, never before has WRX been so sophisticated.
Fans of raw power may salivate. The Subaru WRX boast their most sophisticated technology, comfort and safety features yet.

When seeing is believing – Professional ceramic coatings


Mazda paint protection Melbourne

The very best Mazda paint protection is available and professionally applied by contact Melbourne mobile detailing who are well known for their attention to detail and 5 star service from start to finish

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic coatings not only because they are developed and manufactured in Germany but because the products on offer have unmatched durability, gloss, scratch and chemical resistance.

Autotriz the best paint protection in Melbourne has been independently tested and the results can easily be downloaded and viewed so there are no smoke and mirrors  – We choose the highest grade product and apply it properly without any shortcuts

With the best Mazda paint protection and offering nothing like no other with a far more affordable price then a dealership could sting you for and applied by the team from Melbourne Mobile Detailing. This is almost a no brainier option

Life without compromise – Imaginative technologies, evolved design and renewed interior, The new Mazda6 is driving excitement without compromise.

Superior driving and class defying. This is the Mazda6. A mark of distinction

YouTube player

The All-New Mazda6 design is already turning heads and now even more with a premium paint protection was applied to this vehicle by George at Melbourne Mobile Detailing! Taking the joy of driving in Melbourne to new heights, with exhilarating handling and performance and high performance diesel engines with increased power and torque from even less fuel.

new car paint protection

Mazda6 has a whole new chassis and exciting new safety technology, the safest, most advanced Mazda ever
The Mazda6’s styling, confidence building handling and rich interior make it one of the best looking and enjoyable family sedans around …
We loved the new Mazda6 finesse

Do I need to buy paint protection for my new car?

Do I need to buy paint protection for my new car

By Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Autotriz Australia
Autotriz Australia

There are many paint protection products in the market that claim to protect your car’s paint work. However, as most of us know not all car products are the same, just like not all cars are the same. Paint protection, car wax, and polishes are no different. They all give some sort of shine, but that’s where it all ends.

This article was written to educate new and not-so-new car owners on the different paint protection products in the market today – We believe a informed and educated customer is a happy customer
Here a few fun facts we believe you should know. Knowing the below facts will protect your paintwork in the long term.

Fact 1: Not all paint protection products are the same – We only deal with the most refined paint protection with the highest grade of ingredients and a proven track record – Autotriz ceramic pro coating Innovative surface creation
Fact 2: Prevention is better than cure, but it is not too late for older cars.
Fact 3: Car waxing may not be the best solution – new technology may be better for you.
Fact 4: A simple bird dropping can damage your paintwork.
Fact 5: There are good reasons why prestigious car dealers use certain paint protection products and for the same reasons we use these products too.

Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection
Fact 6: Professional paint protection is possible at home, without the huge expense dealers charge.
Fact 7: A car’s paintwork and appearance will assist in maintaining its value and resale value.

How about we take a gander at the realities in more detail.

Actuality 1: Not all paint protection items are the same.

There are may paint protection items out there changing in cost, and obviously quality. On the other hand, value alone ought not be the main component when purchasing an item to enhance your auto’s appearance. What you need to accomplish, ought to be the central element. An item that shields from winged creature droppings, UV Rays, corrosive downpour, street salt, bug buildup is clearly justified regardless of a couple of dollars more to you, then one that just gives a provisional sparkle.

Besides, diverse items offer distinctive degrees of enduring sparkle. An item that offers a long sparkle, and requires less support, will likewise be justified regardless of a couple of dollars more to you, we are certain.

Most protectants available today, offer just some or constrained measure of protection from the aforementioned components and most don’t offer enduring sparkle without reapplication. *(more than 6 months)

Actuality 2: Prevention is superior to anything cure, however it is not very late for more seasoned autos.

Like most things, aversion is superior to anything cure. A decent paint protection framework ought to secure your auto long haul. In any case, in the event that you haven’t shielded your auto from the very first moment – a decent framework ought to have the capacity to enhance you auto significantly, with an eminent distinction furthermore keep on furtherring shield you auto the from the day you have connected the paint protection item.

Certainty 3: Car waxing may not be the best arrangement – new innovation may be better for you.

Auto wax can be awesome to offer incredible moment sparkle, yet there are a couple of disadvantages the normal buyer may not be mindful of. Firstly, auto wax is called auto wax, on the grounds that it is essentially, and prevalently made of “wax” – there is no debating that. Everyone realizes that wax additionally softens with warmth. Auto wax utilized on our autos is the same. Overabundance warm on paintwork that has been waxed, brings about the wax softening, in this way loosing sparkle and more inclined to ensnaring contaminants. Waxing is extraordinary for show autos, however indicate autos once in a while sit in the hot sun throughout the day, for a long time.

Wax, by its extremely normal state, does not stick well to the auto (indeed there is little that can hold fast well to wax). Have you ever attempted to stick anything to waxy surface? Additionally wax will in the long run wash off your auto – abandoning you with little protection.

Some auto waxes can likewise take a top layer of paint off your auto – giving it a more current look. Would you really like to take a layer of paint off your auto? After all it has a predetermined number of layers.

Reality 4: A basic fowl dropping can harm your paintwork.

You auto is being harmed now, and presumably don’t even acknowledge it. Numerous individuals realize that UV beams can harm autos paintwork – however this can take years. More impending risk are winged animal droppings – which can harm paint work inside of a couple of days.

Flying creature droppings originate from the digestive arrangement of fowls, and without going into an excess of natural point of interest, droppings can contain elevated amounts of corrosive – corrosive obviously harms paintwork.

Numerous individuals are astounded at harm a fowl dropping can do. It regularly goes un-saw, however it is plainly seen once brought up by a prepared eye who realizes what to search for.

Truth 5: There great reasons why prestigious auto merchants utilize a certain items.

Paint protection from auto detailers is and can be generally costly. Why?

Basically on the grounds that increases the value of the purchaser (and to the vehicle) – and we aren’t discussing only a superior sparkle. A decent paint protection application gives an unbelievable glass sparkle and keeps up the estimation of your new auto. These are the reasons why individuals are essentially arranged to pay a normal of a $1000 for good paint protection. It additionally implies less waxing and simpler cleaning of your auto when it gets filthy. Sparing time and prevalent paint protection implies more reserve funds over the long haul.

Truth 6: Professional Paint protection is now available at home by Melbourne Mobile Detailing paint protection services.

Fitting paint protection is somewhat more muddled that just applying wax – yet not very confounded that a normal individual can’t do at home. A mix of the right items, and strategy is the thing that makes it a decent paint protection application a “prevalent” one. Yes, it is conceivable to do you possess premium paint protection, short the cost to accomplish the same – on the off chance that you are guided in the right bearing.

Truth 7: An auto’s paintwork and appearance will help with keeping up its esteem and resale esteem.

A very much looked after auto, with mirror completion paint, will without a doubt expand its resale esteem. You will likewise spare time and cash now. A decent paint protection on you can implies you will spare time washing your auto, as soil and grime ought to wash away easily….. also, obviously no waxing is needed, to keep up its appearance.


The significance of taking fitting consideration of the auto, i.e. washing and enumerating is can’t be focused on enough. Utilizing trustworthy detailers and auto wash outlets is basic and just forestalls harm to the auto. The brilliant dependable guideline will be to treat your auto paintwork like you would your skin. On the off chance that its useful for your skin, its useful for the auto and on the off chance that it won’t hurt your skin, it wont’ harm your auto paintwork.

A decent quality auto cleanser is imperative as it minimizes, (not disposes of) surface scratching from grating when washing. A decent quality delicate heap wash wipe or wash glove is an absolute necessity. A cowhide chamois or terry towel to dry of is the response for streak free drying.

Don’t :

Wash your auto in direct daylight,

Wash your auto unenclosed zones,

Put through brush auto wash frameworks,

Have anything acidic put on to accelerate the cleaning.

You get what you pay for and picking the right place to wash your auto ought to be in view of the measure of time spent cleaning your auto appropriately and securely.

As the business requests, bunches of auto washers are cost cognizant , notwithstanding, most are sensible, and if the consequences of their activities in view of cost is clarified, one soon acknowledges modest has suggestions. Here apply the skin guideline – on the off chance that its useful for your skin, its useful for your auto.

* Try having a shower with synthetically charged reused water, utilize a scouring cushion or a truly old bit of sleeping pad froth, utilize some genuine modest cleanser on your hair and dry yourself with a bit of truly shoddy floor covering. How’s that for consideration!

Remark on Warnings against paint protection

Some auto makers express that paint protection is not suggested for ‘their” autos as the paintwork conveys a production line guarantee for 6 – 12 years. We might want to see what happens when one backtracks with corrosive or fowl marks. You can wager your trees they won’t supplant or repaint that. The paint may convey that guarantee, and if one peruses proprietors manual, one will discover in there the need to ensure the paint surface by waxing intermittently.

What amount would it be a good idea for you to pay?

To a certain degree – you get what you pay for.

One just can’t have an item that one essentially wipes on inside of 30 minutes and is relied upon to ensure the paint successfully. Paint Protection is an expert application and surfaces to be ensured must be arranged, henceforth the explanation behind meticulousness and know how, right utilization of apparatuses and items.

DIY Kits of the same items proficient merchants and detailers utilization start at $160. The merchants’ cost is around $1000 (for precisely the same item).

What are the contrast between the items out there?

More than 80% of protectants available today are of a restricted essential Compound/center fixing, be it wax, teflon, polymer or silicone and is simply Rebadged, repacked or advertised in an unexpected way. The greater part of these items are water solulable, that implies that pull in water.

The most predominant item known through trial and testing, are items with GLASS Plexin.

Glassplexin has the properties of glass. It electromagnetically mixes with the paint atoms and turns out to be a piece of the paint – dissimilar to different items which essentially lie on top. It is a silicate particle which has a negative charge and the properties of fluid glass, and is only formed to get ready, clean, seal and secure the paint wraps up. Glass plexin repulses water,and in this manner repulses grime and contaminants.

Glass Plexin based items is accessible in an item called “BodyArmour9H” in Australia . BodyArmour9H connected by Melbourne Mobile Detailing will give a boundary between the components and the paint surface, securing against unsafe components and also making washing less demanding. A mirror completion is kept up for a considerable length of time, without waxing. It is less demanding to turn around/repair harm to our paint ensured surface than it is to paint – without cutting into the paint.