Mini Cooper paint protection Melbourne

Mini Cooper New car paint protection Melbourne

Following photos are of the Mini Cooper S after the application of the very Best paint protection in Melbourne

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The Cooper S five-door brings small but worthy practical gains over the three-door without noticeably detracting from its good-time qualities. Perhaps this respondent is just getting old but – even with its premium and even in a domain where practicality isn’t crucial – it would have to be the logical pick of the pair.

The new Scirocco R is the ultimate combination of style and speed Paint Protection Melbourne image 21

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It’s fair to say, too, that the S five-door stacks very favourably in the wider hot-hatch sense. It’s much too good to be dismissed without serious consideration, though the presence of tempting, no-less talented alternatives in its class (Renault Clio RS 200) and beyond (VW Golf GTI) means some buyers at this budget will justifiably end up doing just that

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic coatings for all our customers paint protection needs, because we know and have proven that it is the best product on the market offering unmatched gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance with multiple 5 star reviews with customers many years after application coming back with their new cars and referring friends and family onto our services

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 Mini cooper best paint protection melbourne

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