Volkswagen paint protection

Volkswagen Golf paint protection in Melbourne

The new car volkswagen paint protection ceramic coating specialists best choice for paint protection in Melbourne

Most car manufacturers undergo a process that begins with raw steel coated in an electrically charged bath and a hot wax body cavity flooding, PVC undercoating and top colour coats – plus multiple clear coats for additional protection.. Although sometimes this is just not enough and the demand for an aftermarket paint protection is very high
Paint protection ads another layer of skin onto your clear coat which is harder and glossier then your current manufacturers clear coat – All in all a small price to pay for peace of mind
While you are here have you looked at all the brand new Volkswagen vehicles we have protected in the past scoring a constant 5 star rating
There are many different types of products on the market that claim to protect your vehicles paint work from the harsh environments but when these products are thoroughly tested on the field by technicians like ourselves they are nothing more then a long lasting wax
Volkswagen Golf R - Lapiz Blue - Paint protection by Melbourne Mobile Detailing Paint Protection Melbourne image 25
Nano ceramic coatings are not like a wax and will not wash away with any type of chemical .. A permanent bond to your vehicles paint work
If your going to get paint protection done, be sure to get it done right the first time and concentrate on enjoying your car knowing it is well protected
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  1. Stunning results as always Mr George .. When will we be doing my fleet of luxury vehicles? Call me dude it’s Clint

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