New Car Paint Protection: Everything You Need to Know

Ceramic and Graphene coatings

Paint protection treatment is an extra but optional service offered initially by dealerships mainly to new car buyers, however, over years there are now more experienced professional ceramic coating applicators and advanced products in the market leaving some original products obsolete.

The service to apply paint protection is a tedious one and involves a large process of paint preparation and the application of a combination of clear chemicals on top of the car’s original paint so the two can bond.

The applied layers form a sacrificial layer and shield the paint from damage resulting from scratches, tree sap, stone chips, and bird droppings. It also aids in maintaining the factory-fresh look on a new car by ensuring the paint doesn’t fade by reducing UV exposure from the atmosphere. This can be achieved without any noticeable change on the car’s surface, other than the usual expectations being a high gloss slippery finish

The paint protection process is one of the best low-maintenance and reliable ways of keeping a car looking as good as possible for years depending on which product you choose and the quality of the application. The cost of this service is not definite and usually varies depending on the type of paint protection, the make & model of the car, and the applicator’s experience. High-quality ceramic and graphene coatings can be driven home in the rain within 2 hrs of application

Car cleaning detailing protection, Best Paint Protection For New Cars
New car paint protection

Introducing Australian-made nano ceramic paint protection coatings – One of the standout protective coating products in Australia and Europe and for good reason. This paint protection surface coating product has been tested by industry experts, chemical processes and professionals with reference to the highest industry standards and is certified to meet the D6-17487 specification.

Exterior paint protection

The product features a high-performance ceramic formula of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) and Graphene. The result is a coating that gives the raw paintwork durability and a long-lasting shine. Thanks to the coating’s abrasion-resistant nature, you don’t have to worry about waxing or shining your new car’s paint.

The paint protection coating is also hard, and the universal MOHs Hardness Scale has tested this. The scale, which ranks the resistance level of substances, rates the product as four times harder than the usual quartz-based surface protection products offered today.

Overall, supporting Australian manufacturing is not only a benefit but offering one of the highest grades in coatings and one of the best protection products currently offered by authorized applicators like Melbourne Mobile Detailing paint protection.

Ceramic coatings, paint protection questions

Your paint protection questions – Answered

What are your paint protection choices?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing and Paint Protection and on a daily basis I get asked a lot of questions regarding ceramic coatings. So I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my opinions and thoughts for people to gain a better understanding of what to expect and not to expect from a coating. Hopefully  you will gain enough knowledge to help during the selection of which product and installer is right for their needs

What is 9H scratch resistance?

We have all heard of these terms thrown around “Improved scratch resistance” Or “9H hardness” but what do they really mean?

Well basically there’s an abrasion test in which pencils of different hardness (1 being the softest and 9 being the hardest) are used to grade how susceptible a surface is to scratching. They use these pencils to scratch the surface to measure how resistant it is to damage.

To give you a better understanding most automotive clear coats have been rated at a hardness or scratch resistance level of 4-6, which in theory (depending on multiple variations) means that they will resist scratching up to the hardness of that particular pencil number.

In the other hand many ceramic coatings claim improved hardness levels of up to and sometimes exceeding 9, or 9H pencil strength. This does not mean the surface wont scratch nor will it be bullet proof all this means is that that a certain pencil strength will and in the perfect conditions will not scratch it.

In the real world if you put your coke can on your bonnet and it slides off – it will more then likely scratch your ceramic coating, which is where the protection factor comes into it as you would prefer to scratch your ceramic coating then scratch your clear coat which in some cases cannot be repaired other than a respray of the affected panel.

Bullet proof coating stone chip resistance?

A straight up wobbly! There is some resistance to stone chips but not a tested measurable one from a ceramic coating stating it will stop stone chips and I personally have not seen any manufacturer post any proof by way of independent testing. Some stones are razor sharp and if one hits your car at 100km/hr which sometimes causes enough damage to crack your windscreen or dent your bumper how will it not chip your paintwork?

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Chemical resistant paint protection

Another common term is “Improved chemical resistance” now having a coating will certainly offer a much greater resistance to an almost nonexistent chemical resistance of clear coats. Take for example bird droppings and how quickly they can leave a nice little etch or even worse burn through your clear coat and remove a nice chunk of paint

This claim is true and most ceramic coatings will not allow chemicals to penetrate through and damage your clear coat. But once again, they are not bullet proof. If you’re going to allow bird droppings to sit on your car for weeks because you have a ceramic coating – you might be in for a little surprise

Are their really self healing coatings?

Yes there is some truth to this and as time goes on so does technology improve. Ceramic coatings have shown to self repair themselves on a very minor scale and normally under extreme heat. Don’t think that a scratch will just disappear instantly and in most cases the scratch can be too deep to repair itself

Thermoplastic polymers differ from thermosetting polymers in that they can be re melted and remolded. Many thermoplastic materials are addition polymers; e.g., vinyl chain-growth polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene

There are a few differing polymers used in detailing paint coatings although these have been designed originally to maintain their elasticity and move with the substrate they are applied to

a) Thermoplastic polymers may be reshaped by heating the surface, this type of polymer is used in ‘self-healing’ products although can only be heated and cured only a few times

b) Thermosetting polymer (thermoset) is a polymer that is irreversibly cured from a viscous liquid prepolymer or resin. The process of curing changes the resin into an infusible, insoluble polymer network, and is induced by the action of heat or by mixing with a catalyst.

Once hardened a thermoset resin cannot be reheated and melted to be shaped differently.

Paint protection warranties

Many coatings boast warranties from 2-5 years.. Some even claim lifetime if you apply an obscene amount of layers or if you pay for annual inspections. First off, if an installer is using the words “lifetime warranty” make sure you get it in writing and thoroughly read through the fine print which will indicate the requirements of maintaining that warranty.

If you have nothing in writing, then you have nothing, sorry but it needs to be said. Many warranties will require periodic check ups, or applications of booster products, which will be at your expense. Missed a quarterly check up? WARRANTY VOIDED! And then there’s those pesky denial of claims due to improper maintenance. They can always turn around and claim you did not maintain it properly and the warranty is now voided. My best advice is to choose an installer that is open and happy to explain the application process and how these coatings work but is also willing to offer ongoing support and can also maintain the coating for you, that way they have to stand by their product and for the most part will not blame you for improper care.

I find it important to note that you should choose a product and installer who applies a coating that does not require the application of booster products, if you really think about it. How permanent can it be if you need to re-apply product periodically? Just some food for thought.

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection for new cars

Never need to wax your car again!

This is true, the ceramic coatings are like waxes and sealants on steroids. There is usually no need to wax or seal over unless you just want to. The ceramic coatings will do just about everything better than a wax or a sealant can, and for longer. There are some ceramic coatings that require a re-application of a booster product on a periodic basis, these are usually part of the requirements for maintaining the warranty.

How much should I pay for paint protection?

Ceramic coatings are fairly expensive compared to waxes and sealants mostly because they require surgical prep work in order to bond and cure properly. This process can be time consuming and very tedious.

You can generally judge the quality of the installer by the prices they charge for their service. The less expensive the service is, the higher the chance that there will be cut corners in prepping your vehicle for coating. Although this is not universal, there are many high quality installers who offer lower prices depending on the season and how busy they are at the time of booking.

Always do your research, not only on the installer but on the product they are using. Online reviews can help you better understand the quality of the installer. Product review, Facebook, and Google all have business review section

Is an applicator offering you a ridiculous amount of layers? Walk away!

Are they telling you they need to spend 3 days on your brand new car and an abundance amount of hours just so they can charge you extra? Walk away! …

Its easy to gauge, if you really listen to what you are being told

Is a ceramic coating the right choice for me?

Everyone who owns a vehicle that they care about and want to maintain should have a professional installer apply a ceramic coating.

It may not be affordable to everyone, but we all could use this type of protection.

Having a ceramic coating applied should be a commitment on your end to break the bad habits of improper care and to educate yourself on how best to keep the coating in tip top shape.

Your installer should be able to give you all the advice you need on proper maintenance, and which products and techniques are best to use to clean it.

Does paint protection last a lifetime?

Paint Protection – lifetime warranty?

Many aftermarket and dealership grade car paint protection products that were designed to protect your vehicle from the harsh Australian sun and somewhat un-tamed Melbourne weather have recently started offering lifetime warranties with a whole bunch of fine print conditions all to protect the manufacturer of these products.

Paint protection has advanced greatly in the past few years and it looks like it will just keep getting better at protecting the paint surface while offering unmatchable levels of gloss and a shine to any painted surface that simply needs to be seen to be believed

Nothing lasts a lifetime and nothing man made will ever last forever, so why would paint protection be any different?

Everything needs to be maintained and looked after otherwise it simply goes down its own path in life and starts to decay like everything else

Many of today’s high grade protection/sealants are developed in Germany and Japan by some of the most technologically driven and advanced companies in the world.

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection for new cars in Melbourne

new car paint protection

Regardless of the brand but even the best paint protection/coatings generally only last between 4 to 7 years and that all depends on how well the paint protection is looked after once it has been applied.

Just take a moment and think about it, what can last forever and if it can then does it come with a lifetime warranty?

Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

What is car paint protection?

Ever wanted to know what car paint protection is and how it works??

Paint protection is the made up of various chemicals and a brief explanation of a few of their chemical make up follows

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection

For a variety of reasons although its important to understand that each brand has its pros/cons and there is no perfect option out there but more about having the trust in your applicator that they are using the very best products for your vehicle

new car paint protection

Silica Coating consist of four chemicals – Silicon (Si), Siloxane (H(OSiH2)n OH), Silane (SiH4 ) and Silazane(a silicone compound), once formulated they become Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and they are marketed under various

Read more about paint protection options here

brand names:

an inorganic silica/silicon dioxide

 an inorganic silicate crystallization compound

 an inorganic solvent-based nanostructure coating (except for Si3D which is a matrix coating)

 polymer-based (SiC) carbide ceramic coatings

So now you know some of the chemical ingredients what does this mean to you?

Nothing really if the preparation isnt done right prior to the application of these products

Regardless of which product you choose to have applied on your vehicle just be sure to make the right choice in applicator and have faith in what he/she applies

Coatings work if applied and done properly

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Volkswagen paint protection Melbourne

What is the best Volkswagen paint protection

Volkswagen paint protection

AUTOTRIZ is the world’s most innovative surface creation for Volkswagen paint protection a wide range of surface protection and applications formulated
by German’s advanced nanotechnology. This is your assurance of the best surface protection available!

German Quality
Since 18th Century, Germany has been advanced in creating an extensive range of chemicals, coatings and bonding materials engineered to exceed the world’s highest standards of quality.

Wide Applications
Today, we are proud to introduce the world’s most innovative surface protection materials called “AUTOTRIZ”, which is 100% formulated in Germany for the most demanding applications whether in automotive, marine, building or industrial.

Leader Of Industries
AUTOTRIZ is specifically developed by one of the most advanced laboratory in Germany. Consistent research and development in nanotechnology ensures AUTOTRIZ always remain as the leader of the industries.

Another stunning example of the ever popular VW Golf

Melbourne Mobile Detailing offers high grade paint protection to suit your needs and is a total mobile solution

We come to you anywhere in Melbourne and work in your time frame

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Australian designed and tested with breakthrough technology pioneered by expert chemists have now created the most advanced surface protection coating on the market today.

Offering the ultimate in protection, gloss, scratch resistance and durability, takes the permanent paint protection concept to the next level.

Autotriz is the best paint protection by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Volkswagen paint protection

Many people naturally think most coatings that are available in today’s market are all the same or similar but what makes us different from others? What makes us stand out of competition as the leader in this industry worldwide?

Permanent chemical bond with the surface
9H pencil strength and scratch resistance
Chemical and acid resistant
Clay bar resistant
Super hydrophobic 107 Deg water shedding
Blocks 99% UV rays
Advanced heat dispersion abilities