New Car Paint Protection: Everything You Need to Know

Ceramic and Graphene coatings

Paint protection treatment is an extra but optional service offered initially by dealerships mainly to new car buyers, however, over years there are now more experienced professional ceramic coating applicators and advanced products in the market leaving some original products obsolete.

The service to apply paint protection is a tedious one and involves a large process of paint preparation and the application of a combination of clear chemicals on top of the car’s original paint so the two can bond.

The applied layers form a sacrificial layer and shield the paint from damage resulting from scratches, tree sap, stone chips, and bird droppings. It also aids in maintaining the factory-fresh look on a new car by ensuring the paint doesn’t fade by reducing UV exposure from the atmosphere. This can be achieved without any noticeable change on the car’s surface, other than the usual expectations being a high gloss slippery finish

The paint protection process is one of the best low-maintenance and reliable ways of keeping a car looking as good as possible for years depending on which product you choose and the quality of the application. The cost of this service is not definite and usually varies depending on the type of paint protection, the make & model of the car, and the applicator’s experience. High-quality ceramic and graphene coatings can be driven home in the rain within 2 hrs of application

Car cleaning detailing protection, Best Paint Protection For New Cars
New car paint protection

Introducing Australian-made nano ceramic paint protection coatings – One of the standout protective coating products in Australia and Europe and for good reason. This paint protection surface coating product has been tested by industry experts, chemical processes and professionals with reference to the highest industry standards and is certified to meet the D6-17487 specification.

Exterior paint protection

The product features a high-performance ceramic formula of Silicon Dioxide (Si02) Silicon Carbide (SiC) Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) and Graphene. The result is a coating that gives the raw paintwork durability and a long-lasting shine. Thanks to the coating’s abrasion-resistant nature, you don’t have to worry about waxing or shining your new car’s paint.

The paint protection coating is also hard, and the universal MOHs Hardness Scale has tested this. The scale, which ranks the resistance level of substances, rates the product as four times harder than the usual quartz-based surface protection products offered today.

Overall, supporting Australian manufacturing is not only a benefit but offering one of the highest grades in coatings and one of the best protection products currently offered by authorized applicators like Melbourne Mobile Detailing paint protection.

Does paint protection last a lifetime?

Paint Protection – lifetime warranty?

Many aftermarket and dealership grade car paint protection products that were designed to protect your vehicle from the harsh Australian sun and somewhat un-tamed Melbourne weather have recently started offering lifetime warranties with a whole bunch of fine print conditions all to protect the manufacturer of these products.

Paint protection has advanced greatly in the past few years and it looks like it will just keep getting better at protecting the paint surface while offering unmatchable levels of gloss and a shine to any painted surface that simply needs to be seen to be believed

Nothing lasts a lifetime and nothing man made will ever last forever, so why would paint protection be any different?

Everything needs to be maintained and looked after otherwise it simply goes down its own path in life and starts to decay like everything else

Many of today’s high grade protection/sealants are developed in Germany and Japan by some of the most technologically driven and advanced companies in the world.

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection for new cars in Melbourne

new car paint protection

Regardless of the brand but even the best paint protection/coatings generally only last between 4 to 7 years and that all depends on how well the paint protection is looked after once it has been applied.

Just take a moment and think about it, what can last forever and if it can then does it come with a lifetime warranty?

Written by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Paint protection Melbourne – Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V, paint protection Melbourne

HR-V … A magical Honda for wherever you’re going

Both vehicles recently had the application of paint protection in Melbourne by George from MMD

George 0421943227

Following photos were taken by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Whether it be close, far or even some place unrealistic, the Honda HR-V is made for wherever you’re going. A conservative SUV that needs to take you puts, it components everything from a 7-inch shading touchscreen Display Audio framework, to a multi-edge switching camera, Magic Seats and the sky is the limit from there.

It may be conservative in size, yet the HR-V is colossal in style. Packed with rich Daytime Running Lights, shrewdly shrouded back entryway handles and a shark blade receiving wire sneaking up top, this is one smooth, cunningly outlined vehicle.

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Wonder about the practical virtuoso of Honda’s Magic Seats. With 4 modes and 18 diverse seating choices you can rapidly transform your conservative SUV into a Goliath stockpiling unit.

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How paint protection extends the life of your cars paint

Step by step instructions to Extend the Life of Your Car

Always remember to use an authorised paint protection applicator and get the job dont right the first time … Saving $50 to get an inferior product applied on your vehicle is not worth it

There are basic, moderate approaches to keep your auto in great condition with auto wash Melbourne. A standout amongst the most disregarded, yet clear routes is to take after the prescribed support plan for your specific vehicle. Spend a couple of minutes perusing the upkeep plan and tail it altogether.

To help your endeavors, consider the accompanying tips on the most proficient method to keep your vehicle running for quite a while:-

Wash your auto: – The water you use for auto wash with cleanser ought to be warm to make washing less demanding. Flush the whole vehicle to uproot coarseness, earth and grime. This makes cleaning less demanding and serves to counteract scratching. A very much cleaned and waxed vehicle is significantly simpler to clean in light of the fact that the procedure of cleaning and waxing leaves a spotless smooth surface with a defensive obstruction that repulses soil, water and unsafe contaminates. It additionally makes your auto look incredible. A decent wax will give you four to six months’ security before expecting to reapply.

Pivot the tires: – This is a standout amongst the most straightforward way you can amplify the life of your tires is consistently turning them on your auto. By turning your tires consistently, you’ll guarantee yourself a smoother and more secure ride. Also, all the more critically you’ll spare cash over the long haul by amplifying the life of your tires. Turn the tires as per the auto’s manual. By and large, be that as it may, it’s best to pivot them each 6,000 to 7,500 miles. This avoids uneven tread wear and expands the life of the tires.

Change the oil routinely: – Regularly changing your auto’s motor oil and channel is a standout amongst the most imperative things you can do to keep your auto running great. Change the auto’s oil each 3,000 to 5,000 miles, alongside the oil channel. Keeping it spotless, free from earth and dust, amplifies the life of the motor.

Change the air channel: – Change the auto’s air channel routinely or when obstructed with earth. Clean air channels enhance gas mileage. Your auto needs air the same amount of as it needs fuel; air channels keep within the motor free of dust and creepy crawlies.

Check the liquids: – Regularly check the level of your auto oil, transmission liquid, radiator fluid, brake and force directing liquids. Autos need liquid supplanted in the programmed transmission at regular intervals or 25,000 miles, contingent upon your make and model. Most autos need their liquids changed each 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

Shield your auto from the sun: – The sun’s bright beams and warmth can harm your auto’s paint and inside. At whatever point conceivable, endeavor to stop your vehicle in the shade or inside a carport. Also, other i recommends getting an auto spread to give your auto consistently insurance against dampness, flying creature droppings, and different flotsam and jetsam.

What does car paint protection do?

What does car Paint Protection do?

There’s paint protection and then there is proper paint protection that’s supplied by an authorized applicator who has gone through vigorous training and does every step to make sure the paint protection is applied properly

Autotriz Australia
Autotriz Australia

Autotriz A properly applied paint protection is

Its permanent – The  Paint Protection Coating forms a permanent bond with the factory paint work that will not wash off or wear away with heavy chemical cleaners like other paint protection products on the market.

What can we achieve with a professional paint protection coating applied to our new vehicle? We choose to use Autotriz ceramics in Melbourne

Protection – Melbourne Mobile Detailing uses a hard ceramic film like layer that has advanced chemical resistance to protect the paint work against contamination that would otherwise affect the paint such as acid rain,bird poo, tar, tree sap, bug splatter, oxidation and other forms of chemical fall out and contamination.

Easy to clean – Properly applied paint protection is super hydrophobic meaning any water and dirt that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off, keeping the car cleaner for longer and easier to clean whilst maintaining a high gloss finish.

UTOTRIZ is the world’s most innovative surface creation for a wide range of surface protection and applications formulated
by German’s advanced nanotechnology. This is your assurance of the best surface protection available!

German Quality
Since 18th Century, Germany has been advanced in creating an extensive range of chemicals, coatings and bonding materials engineered to exceed the world’s highest standards of quality.

Wide Applications
Today, we are proud to introduce the world’s most innovative surface protection materials called “AUTOTRIZ”, which is 100% formulated in Germany for the most demanding applications whether in automotive, marine, building or industrial.

Leader Of Industries
AUTOTRIZ is specifically developed by one of the most advanced laboratory in Germany. Consistent research and development in nanotechnology ensures AUTOTRIZ always remain as the leader of the industries.

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paint protection melbourne by melbourne mobile detailing

How does ceramic paint protection work

After months of introspecting, saving and analysis, you purchase your vehicle and it deserves all the attention. It is important to take care of your vehicle or car to keep it new and in good condition for a long time. Instead of wasting time on redesigning and rectifying, get all the protection done right in the first attempt. Vehicle paint protection is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage using paint of highest grade. There are many automobile protection and detailing companies which take care of your car’s detailing with the finest paint protection system.

Protection paint for vehicles

Using the paint protection, add a coat of glossy, high grade paint that acts as film coating on the already existing paintwork of your car. This reduces damage and gives your car a shinier, polished look. Car detailing Melbourne takes care of intricate details of your car and gives it maximum protection for longer time. The protection is available for wide variety of car and it is always recommended to add layers of extra coating from the first day onwards.

Use of Ceramic Paint

There are various types of paints which are used for protecting the car from any external damage. Ceramic paint protection is the most popular and best class of car protection pain which is a liquid, nano-ceramic coating. It gives prolonged protection and preserve appearance of the car keeping its brand new look intact. The ceramic painting helps in protecting car body, alloy wheels, rubber parts of the car, glass etc and ensure the car retains its shine.


The protection paint is a layer of coating applied on your vehicle that protects it from harsh sun and reduces the chance of paint to wear off. The shine of the paint last nearly for 5 to 6 years and is a long term investment for your car. It is always recommended to get the coating done while making the purchase.


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Permanent chemical bond with the exterior surface
Can only be removed via abrasion, such as wet sanding or machine polishing
Anti-scratch 9H pencil strength (highest possible)
Chemical and acid resistant
Extremely hydrophobic contact angle
Thermal resistance to 550 degrees
High gloss
Smooth, glass like finish

Melbourne mobile detailing has been closely following manufacturers setting new benchmarks for new car paint protection in Melbourne. After several years of gathering customer feedback, Melbourne mobile detailing has been using only what can be described as the most technologically complex ceramic coating in the world today.

Many paint protection secrets secret lies in its formula, an extremely durable pre-polymer ceramic resin that comprises the backbone of many different coatings. The resin is then bonded with quartz, glass or a type of silica using nano technology methods for an eye popping gloss and extreme water repellance.

Not many companies in the world have been able to replicate this bonding process without degrading the performance of their products. Therefore these new age nano ceramic paint protection products stand tall among its competitors as the. Car protection, durability, scratch resistance and gloss.

Calling Australia home, Melbourne Mobile Detailing has invested large resources in both time and application tests around Melbourne ensuring the coating we choose to use lasts permanently on your cars paintwork, no matter which part of our harsh climate you live in. Many of the other products you may be comparing high grade products to have been specifically designed for use in a particular country outside Australia, this can affect the durability of these products as many will not be able to withstand the harsh UV rays, acid rain, bird lime, the heat of our summers and the frosty cold climate of our winters.

Give us a call (George 0421943227) or send us an email Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing for more information on this great product (including technical information if you are interested in having a chat!)

From – $990 inc GST



What is paint protection

What is paint protection?

Here you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
If you cannot find your answer here, please contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing and we will be able to assist.

What exactly is a nano ceramic glass paint protection?

Generally it is a clear liquid. It is comprised of carrier solvents/fluids and a group of active ingredients. Nano ceramic glass sio2 resin technology, developed through many years of research and development, is a closely guarded secret in the paint protection world. However it is a per-polymer ceramic glass resin bonded with several agents to increase gloss, protection and durability over new car clear coat finishes.

It reacts with the atmosphere to cure and forms a complex cross-linked uniform layer of protection.

paint protection melbourne youtube channel

a nano ceramic glass paint protection bonds to the paint using several methods based on chemical reactions that occur between your cars paint and the coating itself.  The most prominent is the “covalent” bonding process, whereby two electrons from opposing substrates form an inseparable bond at the molecular level.

The only way to remove paint protection of high grade from your vehicle is with abrasion, such as sanding or machine compounding.

Some general specifications on nano ceramic glass sio2 paint protection in Melbourne

Super hydrophobic and oleo phobic properties
9H impact resistance
High gloss effect
Remarkable stain resistance

Coating hardness – (ASTM B117) – 9H Pencil
Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape – (ASTM D3359) – 5b (0%, none)
Mandrel Bend – (ASTM D522) – 0% @ 180 deg rotation
Impact (ASTM D2794) – @80in/lbs
Salt Spray (ASTM B117) applied to bare steel panel at 5% solution, >350 hours to first sign of corrosion
Minimum curing time – 3 hours for light driving
Full curing time – 7-14 days (quicker if exposed to heat)

Is paint protection really permanent?
Most paint protections available in todays market are as permanent as the paint on your car. Once the coating is applied to your vehicle, the covalent bonding process begins immediately. Due to the strong chemical bonding process (interlocking paint molecules) it essentially becomes the functional surface of your car.

What areas can be coated with paint protection?
It can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle
Mostly we apply it to paint, glass and wheels as part of a package deal available from your approved applicator.

What is the difference between professional paint protection and what a dealer is offering?
Your dealer is most likely selling you a WAX with added PTFE (Teflon) for added durability. Wax simply does not have the durability or protection that a “coating” like paint protection melbourne can provide. Ask to see the bottle of “paint protection” they are offering. If it’s a creamy substance, its a wax!

How is paint protection applied?
Most professional series products are only available to applicators who have been trained in its application method. These products arrive in a “kit” containing all that the applicator needs to apply the coating.

Will it paint protection protect from stone chips?
No it will not.

For a coating to be strong enough to resist stone chips, the product would be too brittle.

Do I need to use special soaps/shampoos to wash the car?
No you do not.
You can use any shampoo you like, even the heavy duty ones.

Can I still wax the car after application of paint protection if I want to?
Yes you can, although it is not needed and can actually have a negative impact on the hydrophobic effect of paint protection.

How long before I can drive my car or get it wet?
The vehicle must remain stationary for at least 2 hours prior to light driving.
If you are intending to go for a longer drive or it is raining, you must wait 12  hours before driving.

Melbourne Mobile Detailing Get your paint protection done right the first time




Paint Protection near you

Now Protecting a car paint Surface Near You!

No matter what type of paint surface you wish to protect Melbourne Mobile Detailing has the best paint protection product and the know-how.

The paint protection coatings that Melbourne Mobile Detailing apply are all high-quality ceramic coatings that come with a lifetime warranty.

Paint protection can be used for Windows and car wheels

It protects against possible damage caused by the daily grind and cleaning process.
Like a protective Skin, it is a clear coating formulated to protect your automotive finish.

It cures with UV rays, leaving a protective clear coating which has excellent cohesion in rain, snow, wind and speeds exceeding 130km/hr.

Book in your temporary internal and external surface protection job for all kinds of surfaces on your vehicle.

paint protection

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