BMW M4 with Autotriz paint protection

BMW with Autotriz paint protection in Melbourne

One with the Machine – The BMW M4 is ready to enter the ring, in one corner the laws of physics and in the other is the impossible made possible.

Putting the brakes and bending the boundaries of physics using a combination of Carbon, Aluminium and Adrenalin – This is the BMW M4

The following photos are after the application of Autotriz paint protection – When seeing is believing !!!

A coupe with so much more, offering a record breaking light weight complete kit of under 1,500 kg, the BMW M4 Coupé makes its intentions clear, it’s here to make the impossible possible. A coupe with a reinforced carbon fibre roof, offering a minimum 5kg saving on its own, along with a liberal use of the lightweight material throughout the body.

BMW M4 Coupé – Making the impossible, possible… A driving character that unites man and machine like never before

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Equipped with the brand new 317 kW M Twin Power Turbo straight 6-cylinder engine with 7-speed M double-clutch transmission and precision tools like the M Servotronic, Active M differential and Adaptive M suspension, this vehicle is now ready to enter the ring. In one corner is the laws of physics and the other a machine that has made the impossible, possible.

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A driving character that unites man and machine like never before.

This is Autotriz paint protection by George Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Autotriz paint protection in Melbourne

We choose to use Autotriz ceramic coatings because they are made in Germany, offer outstanding durability and no other brand we have used in the past comes close to its high gloss feel and scratch resistance

BMW paint protection melbourne

BMW new car paint protection in Melbourne

The new car paint protection was applied to this BMW X1 and thus has been completely redesigned into an auto with a dynamic, energetic and capable vicinity, offering its travelers an interesting feeling of space and extravagance. Both all around, it highlights quintessential configuration components of the X extend… A class of autos made solely for those with a feeling of enterprise and a yearning for genuine quality.

The bellow photos were taken after the application of glass paint protection This service was performed by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

The new BMW X1 conveys a soul of flexibility to the consistently. It gives the space and adaptability to be an essential part

of the most audacious ways of life, and the vicinity to knock some people’s socks off wherever it goes. With its wide, certain position

new car paint protection

also, strikingly athletic elements, it is unmistakably an individual from the “X” family – a family that leads the route in effectiveness

what’s more, has constantly set the benchmark for premium adaptability

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When seeing is believing

We choose to use German made nano ceramic paint protection for all new and used cars in Melbourne. Offering unmatched performance in durability, gloss and scratch resistance

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