Mobile Detailing and Paint Protection Melbourne


Mobile Detailing and Paint Protection Melbourne

Here at Melbourne Mobile Detailing (MMD) we have spent much time, money, sweat and tears in research & development, testing and applying many different brands and types of paint protection in Melbourne – from the un-popular to the most expensive, we have tried almost all types of paint protection systems on the market today.

We can confidently state that we now offer the very best paint protection range and in our eyes has proven to last the longest, is higher performing across the range and much more economical than those from many other sources and industries who survive on selling a product with a huge mark-up.

There are a few products we love and many that we believe are unproductive. The main protection products we recommend are German made and offered by Autotriz (The most exclusive paint protection for the worlds finest detailers)

Autotriz Australia

These products have always been a leader in their field and hold the latest technology long-term surface sealants for all painted applications including and not limited to car, truck, marine and aviation purposes, creating an extremely hard coating and delivering incredible shine to protect your paint from the harsh conditions.

Once professionally applied, a paint protection will not only offer an ultra high gloss and protection to your paint, but also make it easier to wash your car, is dust and dirt resistant, bugs and tar are much easier to remove and after the final rinse water is repelled making it easier to dry your car to show off that incredible shine time after time.

The cost of a professional application of paint protection is a fraction of the price that car dealerships can offer. Melbourne Mobile Detailing cuts out the middle man and huge profits associated with Paint Protection from the car dealers, this saving is passed on to you directly – the customer.

Being an authorised applicator of the most exclusive paint protection benefits in the world and with extensive training in the application of these products.

We do not resell any paint protection products and stick to a strict application process

The superior quality of Leather and Fabric Protection offers peace of mind against spills and liquids, it also helps keep your leather in better condition for longer by forming a breathable barrier that also repels water to help protect against dye-transfer from your cloths and any other dirt, dust and liquid spills that might mark.

Surfaces sealed with any product from the Melbourne Mobile Detailing range repel water, oil, dust and dirt, is self levelling and self cleaning, has antistatic characteristics to protect against chemical and biological damage. Thus protecting your investment for longer, making it easier to clean and keeping that “new-car” feel.

For any questions please call Melbourne Mobile Detailing on 0421 943 227 or send us an email [email protected]

Ask us how we can protect your car, truck or boat with unbeatable packages combining paint, wheels and interior protection

A general paint protection pricing guide

Small/Medium cars – $880 – $1100 inc GST
4WD/MPV/Large cars – $990- $1350 inc GST
(Based on brand new car, with paint in near perfect condition)

Interior Protection Pricing – Leather and Fabric including Carpeted areas

All car sizes from: $440 – $550 inc GST
(Based on brand new car, with interior in near perfect condition)


FAQ – Paint Protection

What is Paint Protection?

As an authorised applicator we can safely say paint protection is the method of applying a high technology coating to the paintwork of a car, truck or boat and will last for years rather than months. The main purpose of paint protection is to help protect against the harsh Australian elements like sun, rain, trees etc. Paint Protection has received a bad name in the past and mostly from car dealerships that charge excessive amounts of money when you buy a new car, paint protection should not cost anywhere near $2,000+ that is ridiculous.


Does Melbourne Mobile Detailing offer a warranty?

Not only does MMD offer a unique personal promise that you will be delighted with the service and the product applied but we also go to the extent and register your vehicles details on our database and notify the manufacturer of the paint protection product you choose and in return you also get to keep a sign and sealed copy of a warranty. This way we can keep record of the date applied, product and also if any yearly inspections are required.

Please keep in mind that some so called ‘warranties’ that dealers and even some detailers offer is not worth the paper it is written on and in many cases with some very popular paint protection systems they only offer you a warranty value of a maximum $500 – $1000 which wouldn’t even cover a respray, if there was any damage to your vehicle during that warranty period – We advise you stay away from those type of products and do your research before jumping into buying any type of paint protection

End of the day we want you to be happy knowing that you are getting a professional authorised applicator applying a fantastic product. Melbourne Mobile Detailing has been applying paint protection for over 4 years now and we have a MOTO that we live by “Use the best products and Do it right the first time” The last thing we want is for you to turn around after a few years time claiming that the product has failed – We don’t want to waste our time and would hate to waste your time too


Why are you much cheaper than a car dealership?

Melbourne Mobile Detailing recommends the use of Auotriz paint protection coatings ( (The most exclusive paint protection for the worlds finest detailers) as they have passed many tests with flying colours and puts many other products in a different category

Not only does Melbourne Mobile Detailing offer the consumer a better quality paint protection than the others, but for only a fraction of the cost as we buy from the manufacturer in large enough quantities and pass on the savings to the client. We offer you a personal service, using the very best products from around the world including Germany and Japan to give you the best results possible, with hundreds of happy customers so far, we dedicate much of our time doing research to keep receiving happy customer. Have a look around for our awesome reviews in Google and on our facebook page

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