Dealership Paint Protection – What you should know

What you need to know about Dealership Paint Protection

Modern vehicles give you peace of mind with safety features like curtain airbags, traction control, ventilated disc brakes, brake assist and soo much more

But why are we forever neglecting our paint work .. Why don’t we protect it? And why do dealerships offer us a overpriced crappy product that they call paint protection?


The main problem with any paint protection product starts in its preparation. Just like everything in life preparation is key and the end result will only be as good as the preparation


It can take us a whole day to prepare your vehicle just for the final stage of the application of the preferred nano ceramic product although this is where many dealerships can sometimes fail as they don’t have the time or trained staff to get the preparation done properly


The end result is a mediocre grade product applied over a poorly prepared vehicle. You really cant expect any product to work at its maximum potential when it is simply slapped on within an hour

If your going to get it done be sure to get it done properly

Melbourne Mobile Detailing uses Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection as we know it works and does exactly what it promises to do. Made in Germany and at the for front of ceramic technology 

Autotriz coatings are possibly the worlds most exclusive paint protection and only offered to a hand full of approved applicators around the globe. 

Wouldn’t you rather have an award winning product applied properly on your new vehicle then a mediocre grade product that’s been thrown on your vehicle without a care in the world?

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Make your daily drive a worry free, pleasure drive with paint protection by Melbourne Mobile Detailing.

Visit Melbourne Mobile Detailing for all your paint protection needs! We are a Melbourne based business offering a mobile service that comes to you during a time and date that suits your needs

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Melbourne Mobile Detailing  offers quality nano ceramic paint protection products and installation at an affordable rate

Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing for what you need to know about dealership paint protection 

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  1. George what can I say, I’m glad I found this article and booked in your services. The car looks amazing now and I will be referring you to all my family and friends. Thank you Samnang

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