Do I need to buy paint protection for my new car?

Do I need to buy paint protection for my new car

By Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Autotriz Australia
Autotriz Australia

There are many paint protection products in the market that claim to protect your car’s paint work. However, as most of us know not all car products are the same, just like not all cars are the same. Paint protection, car wax, and polishes are no different. They all give some sort of shine, but that’s where it all ends.

This article was written to educate new and not-so-new car owners on the different paint protection products in the market today – We believe a informed and educated customer is a happy customer
Here a few fun facts we believe you should know. Knowing the below facts will protect your paintwork in the long term.

Fact 1: Not all paint protection products are the same – We only deal with the most refined paint protection with the highest grade of ingredients and a proven track record – Autotriz ceramic pro coating Innovative surface creation
Fact 2: Prevention is better than cure, but it is not too late for older cars.
Fact 3: Car waxing may not be the best solution – new technology may be better for you.
Fact 4: A simple bird dropping can damage your paintwork.
Fact 5: There are good reasons why prestigious car dealers use certain paint protection products and for the same reasons we use these products too.

Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection
Fact 6: Professional paint protection is possible at home, without the huge expense dealers charge.
Fact 7: A car’s paintwork and appearance will assist in maintaining its value and resale value.

How about we take a gander at the realities in more detail.

Actuality 1: Not all paint protection items are the same.

There are may paint protection items out there changing in cost, and obviously quality. On the other hand, value alone ought not be the main component when purchasing an item to enhance your auto’s appearance. What you need to accomplish, ought to be the central element. An item that shields from winged creature droppings, UV Rays, corrosive downpour, street salt, bug buildup is clearly justified regardless of a couple of dollars more to you, then one that just gives a provisional sparkle.

Besides, diverse items offer distinctive degrees of enduring sparkle. An item that offers a long sparkle, and requires less support, will likewise be justified regardless of a couple of dollars more to you, we are certain.

Most protectants available today, offer just some or constrained measure of protection from the aforementioned components and most don’t offer enduring sparkle without reapplication. *(more than 6 months)

Actuality 2: Prevention is superior to anything cure, however it is not very late for more seasoned autos.

Like most things, aversion is superior to anything cure. A decent paint protection framework ought to secure your auto long haul. In any case, in the event that you haven’t shielded your auto from the very first moment – a decent framework ought to have the capacity to enhance you auto significantly, with an eminent distinction furthermore keep on furtherring shield you auto the from the day you have connected the paint protection item.

Certainty 3: Car waxing may not be the best arrangement – new innovation may be better for you.

Auto wax can be awesome to offer incredible moment sparkle, yet there are a couple of disadvantages the normal buyer may not be mindful of. Firstly, auto wax is called auto wax, on the grounds that it is essentially, and prevalently made of “wax” – there is no debating that. Everyone realizes that wax additionally softens with warmth. Auto wax utilized on our autos is the same. Overabundance warm on paintwork that has been waxed, brings about the wax softening, in this way loosing sparkle and more inclined to ensnaring contaminants. Waxing is extraordinary for show autos, however indicate autos once in a while sit in the hot sun throughout the day, for a long time.

Wax, by its extremely normal state, does not stick well to the auto (indeed there is little that can hold fast well to wax). Have you ever attempted to stick anything to waxy surface? Additionally wax will in the long run wash off your auto – abandoning you with little protection.

Some auto waxes can likewise take a top layer of paint off your auto – giving it a more current look. Would you really like to take a layer of paint off your auto? After all it has a predetermined number of layers.

Reality 4: A basic fowl dropping can harm your paintwork.

You auto is being harmed now, and presumably don’t even acknowledge it. Numerous individuals realize that UV beams can harm autos paintwork – however this can take years. More impending risk are winged animal droppings – which can harm paint work inside of a couple of days.

Flying creature droppings originate from the digestive arrangement of fowls, and without going into an excess of natural point of interest, droppings can contain elevated amounts of corrosive – corrosive obviously harms paintwork.

Numerous individuals are astounded at harm a fowl dropping can do. It regularly goes un-saw, however it is plainly seen once brought up by a prepared eye who realizes what to search for.

Truth 5: There great reasons why prestigious auto merchants utilize a certain items.

Paint protection from auto detailers is and can be generally costly. Why?

Basically on the grounds that increases the value of the purchaser (and to the vehicle) – and we aren’t discussing only a superior sparkle. A decent paint protection application gives an unbelievable glass sparkle and keeps up the estimation of your new auto. These are the reasons why individuals are essentially arranged to pay a normal of a $1000 for good paint protection. It additionally implies less waxing and simpler cleaning of your auto when it gets filthy. Sparing time and prevalent paint protection implies more reserve funds over the long haul.

Truth 6: Professional Paint protection is now available at home by Melbourne Mobile Detailing paint protection services.

Fitting paint protection is somewhat more muddled that just applying wax – yet not very confounded that a normal individual can’t do at home. A mix of the right items, and strategy is the thing that makes it a decent paint protection application a “prevalent” one. Yes, it is conceivable to do you possess premium paint protection, short the cost to accomplish the same – on the off chance that you are guided in the right bearing.

Truth 7: An auto’s paintwork and appearance will help with keeping up its esteem and resale esteem.

A very much looked after auto, with mirror completion paint, will without a doubt expand its resale esteem. You will likewise spare time and cash now. A decent paint protection on you can implies you will spare time washing your auto, as soil and grime ought to wash away easily….. also, obviously no waxing is needed, to keep up its appearance.


The significance of taking fitting consideration of the auto, i.e. washing and enumerating is can’t be focused on enough. Utilizing trustworthy detailers and auto wash outlets is basic and just forestalls harm to the auto. The brilliant dependable guideline will be to treat your auto paintwork like you would your skin. On the off chance that its useful for your skin, its useful for the auto and on the off chance that it won’t hurt your skin, it wont’ harm your auto paintwork.

A decent quality auto cleanser is imperative as it minimizes, (not disposes of) surface scratching from grating when washing. A decent quality delicate heap wash wipe or wash glove is an absolute necessity. A cowhide chamois or terry towel to dry of is the response for streak free drying.

Don’t :

Wash your auto in direct daylight,

Wash your auto unenclosed zones,

Put through brush auto wash frameworks,

Have anything acidic put on to accelerate the cleaning.

You get what you pay for and picking the right place to wash your auto ought to be in view of the measure of time spent cleaning your auto appropriately and securely.

As the business requests, bunches of auto washers are cost cognizant , notwithstanding, most are sensible, and if the consequences of their activities in view of cost is clarified, one soon acknowledges modest has suggestions. Here apply the skin guideline – on the off chance that its useful for your skin, its useful for your auto.

* Try having a shower with synthetically charged reused water, utilize a scouring cushion or a truly old bit of sleeping pad froth, utilize some genuine modest cleanser on your hair and dry yourself with a bit of truly shoddy floor covering. How’s that for consideration!

Remark on Warnings against paint protection

Some auto makers express that paint protection is not suggested for ‘their” autos as the paintwork conveys a production line guarantee for 6 – 12 years. We might want to see what happens when one backtracks with corrosive or fowl marks. You can wager your trees they won’t supplant or repaint that. The paint may convey that guarantee, and if one peruses proprietors manual, one will discover in there the need to ensure the paint surface by waxing intermittently.

What amount would it be a good idea for you to pay?

To a certain degree – you get what you pay for.

One just can’t have an item that one essentially wipes on inside of 30 minutes and is relied upon to ensure the paint successfully. Paint Protection is an expert application and surfaces to be ensured must be arranged, henceforth the explanation behind meticulousness and know how, right utilization of apparatuses and items.

DIY Kits of the same items proficient merchants and detailers utilization start at $160. The merchants’ cost is around $1000 (for precisely the same item).

What are the contrast between the items out there?

More than 80% of protectants available today are of a restricted essential Compound/center fixing, be it wax, teflon, polymer or silicone and is simply Rebadged, repacked or advertised in an unexpected way. The greater part of these items are water solulable, that implies that pull in water.

The most predominant item known through trial and testing, are items with GLASS Plexin.

Glassplexin has the properties of glass. It electromagnetically mixes with the paint atoms and turns out to be a piece of the paint – dissimilar to different items which essentially lie on top. It is a silicate particle which has a negative charge and the properties of fluid glass, and is only formed to get ready, clean, seal and secure the paint wraps up. Glass plexin repulses water,and in this manner repulses grime and contaminants.

Glass Plexin based items is accessible in an item called “BodyArmour9H” in Australia . BodyArmour9H connected by Melbourne Mobile Detailing will give a boundary between the components and the paint surface, securing against unsafe components and also making washing less demanding. A mirror completion is kept up for a considerable length of time, without waxing. It is less demanding to turn around/repair harm to our paint ensured surface than it is to paint – without cutting into the paint.

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