What is car paint protection?

What is car paint protection?

A quick breakdown – Most paint protection or ceramic protective coatings are powered by nanotechnology

Commonly comprised of either Si14 or Si02 (Silica Dioxide) & provide hydrophobic properties (among other benefits) when applied properly. Simply put hydrophobic coatings prevent water from touching the base material and in turn protects the substrate (Your physical paint work)

Why should I buy paint protection for my new car?

Si14 is extremely resistant to all aggressive contaminants from pH 1 to pH 12 which includes most acids, alkali & solvents. Of course, coming into contact with these contaminants can wear the expected durability of your coatings life span. Feel free to ask us for more information on the care & maintenance of your protective solution!

Due to the nature of nanotechnology & the hydrophobic properties present, our protective solutions provide piece of mind for those more environmentally conscious. The need to use aggressive & potentially more hazardous cleaners is greatly reduced, minimising your carbon footprint. Future labour normally spent cleaning your surface can also be cut by up to 50%, saving both time & money. This is aided by the self-cleaning ability our coatings provide in between washes.

Bacterial & virus build-up is also reduced, enhancing overall hygiene. Decontamination of any surface can be achieved with ease as a result of the repellent functionality.

The application possibilities for our services are endless and doesnt stop at just cars. Autotriz nano ceramic coatings can be applied in the following environments just to name a few.
Automotive – Cars, RV’s etc
Marine – Small boats, yachts etc
Aviation – Aircraft, helicopters etc
Factories & many more

Autotriz offers quality aftermarket ceramic coatings that last for years, are higher performing and much more economical than those competing. This is why we choose to use their range of ceramics

We choose to use Autotriz coatings which have been independantly tested by TUV SUD and are made in Germany. They also use real nano-technology to create an intelligent molecular level which they call 3D Matrix and offers the ultimate performance in protection

The latest technology long-term surface protection for all automotive paints creating an extremely hard coating and delivering incredible shine to protect your paint from the harsh conditions.

Once professionally applied ceramic caotings will not only offer protection to your paint, but also make it easier to wash your car. Dust and light dirt can simply be rinsed off, bugs are much easier to remove and after the final rinse water is repelled making it easier to dry your car to show off that incredible shine time after time.

No paint protection lasts a lifetime, in fact nothing lasts a lifetime and in this case there is no exception. Autotriz ceramic coatings will not last a lifetime but they will last a very very long time with their latest dual layered 3D matrix coating offering a 7yr internetional warranty

Melbourne Mobile Detailing is a certified and approved Autotriz applicator and we offer the full range of not only paint protection but coatings for your wheels, glass, leather, plastics and textiles – to protect all of your car.
The superior quality German Leather and Fabric Protection offers peace of mind against spills and liquids, it also helps keep your leather in better condition for longer by forming a breathable barrier to help protect against dye-transfer from your cloths and other dirt and dust that marks it.
Surfaces sealed will repel water, oil, dust and dirt, have antistatic characteristics and protect against chemical and biological damage. Thus protecting your investment your car’s interior and exterior for longer, making it easier to clean and keeping those new-car looks.

new car paint protection

What is Paint Protection?

Real paint protection is applying a high technology coating to the paint of your car that will last for years rather than months, to help protect against the harsh Australian elements like sun, rain, trees etc. Paint Protection has received a bad name mostly from car dealerships that charge huge fees when you buy a new car, quality paint protection should not cost $2,000+ that is ridiculous.

Why should I buy paint protection?