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The best BMW paint protection melbourne

BMW 3 series paint protection Melbourne

Always a benchmark, both as a sports sedan and as status symbol this is the BMW 328i M series and its here to steal hearts
The all new way to love the way you move The BMW 328i M series

The following photos and video were taken after multiple correction processes and the application of Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection was applied

The new BMW 3 Series Sedan: Dynamic capability, efficiency and comfort are given the perfect stage.

Audi S3 in black with Cquartz finest paint protection Melbourne Paint Protection Melbourne image 1
BMW paint protection melbourne

The 6th era of the BMW 328i M Series and a portion of the world’s top of the line premium auto, sets new benchmarks as far as wearing ability, style and solace. The spearheading history of the 3 Series serves as motivation for the new games car, whose capable styling speaks to a new elucidation and reliable advancement of customary BMW configuration signs.

We strive for the very best finish using only the highest grade of nano ceramic paint protection products made in Germany and known around the world as Autotriz. If you want the best paint protection for your new car then look up some of our fantastic 5 star reviews for your own piece of mind and call us to discuss any questions you might have

Performed by George from Melbourne Mobile Detailing

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BMW paint protection Autotriz Melbourne

New BMW paint protection Melbourne

Go one better in the new BMW 1 Series.

With its entry-price, expanded standard features, advanced power trains, rear-wheel drive dynamics and better looking than ever… This is the ideal choice

The BMW 120i offers superior handling and agility for up to five passengers. The athletic lines and powerful contours stand out and scream good looking quality. In addition, the BMW engineers pooled their years of experience in fine-tuning power trains, chassis and steering to create this latest BMW. The result is palpably sporty, precise handling and the usual intense driving experience we have come to expect from BMW

The following photos were taken after the application of the best paint protection Melbourne

Preparation and application was done by George Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing 0421943227

The new BMW 1 Series 5-door Sports Hatch is here. Offering a best in class driving experience and a completely refreshed design that has sport at its heart

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic – The best paint protection

The 2015 BMW 1 Series represents a philosophy of vehicle manufacturing that is fast becoming extinct, for the sake of cost cutting.

Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG, Cquartz Finest paint protection Melbourne Paint Protection Melbourne image 14

Small, entry priced luxury-badged cars are going front-wheel drive for a many reasons, mainly being the cheaper cost of manufacturing. So then, being the only rear-wheel drive luxury car on the market, the updated BMW 1 Series offers something none of its German competitors can match.

The 2015 BMW 1 Series offers a lot of compelling reasons to be the pick of the bunch for entry-model luxury cars. Be it the rear-wheel drive architecture, expanded feature list, performance credentials or just its sheer practicality. If you’re in the market for car of its kind, there’s absolutely no reason to not have the Bavarian’s offering on your test-drive list.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, Cquartz Finest paint protection Melbourne

Behold the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT,

With the application of Cquartz Finest paint protection in Melbourne

The most powerful and technologically advanced Grand Cherokee ever built. Jeep paint protection Melbourne

The Grand Cherokee SRT may be able to haul some serious ass but it’s also one of few fast cars that can also tow up to three tonnes without a strain

Pictures and video are after the application of Cquartz finest paint protection on this jeep by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

While there will always be critics arguing that high-performance versions of SUVs make about as much sense as a turbocharged brick wall or an elephant outfitted with jet engines BUT the Grand Cherokee SRT is a well-executed example of this somewhat illogical but highly enjoyable vehicle type. Forget about turbos and superchargers because size is the name of the game here.

Under the bonnet, the SRT (short for Street Racing Technology) packs a whopping 6.4 litres of pure old-school American muscle all at a significantly lower price than other examples of the hyper-SUV breed.

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The Grand Cherokee SRT may be able to haul some serious ass but it’s also one of few fast cars that can also tow up to three tonnes without a strain

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Mazda new car paint protection melbourne

Mazda 3 Hatch with paint protection in Melbourne

Meet the first drive of the rest of your life – The mazda3 with the application of paint protection in Melbourne. A nano ceramic paint protection with a 9H scratch resistance and a high clarity gloss like no other
Have you ever looked at the same car as yours and thought to yourself why does that look so much more shinier and cleaner then mine?
The answer is they have invested in the best nano ceramic paint protection offered by Autotriz and are reaping the rewards while increasing their resale value
The small car sales from Mazda has powered through records after records since topping the charts in 2011 (winning over the Commodore) and in 2012 (beating Corolla).
Paint protection Melbourne Volkswagen GTI&R Club of Melbourne - An eye popping solid red with Cquartz Finest Paint Protection Melbourne image 13
Mazda paint protection melbourne
It is not hard to see why the Mazda3 is a firm favourite – peppy but frugal, capable, comfortable, well-equipped, priced well and styled to stand out from the crowd.
We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic coatings for the super durable finish and unmatched performace when it comes down to gloss, shine, scratch and chemical resistance
Dont take our word for it, do some research online and check out our reviews, online videos and what you will find is the passion we have for nano ceramic paint protection in Melbourne
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We choose to use Autotriz German made ceramic coatings for new and used cars

Ford paint protection Melbourne

Ford paint protection in Melbourne 

A dark misty cloud may be approaching on the Ford Australia horizon all while drawing nearer to the end of assembling, yet there is still some daylight in the current blue skies with the Ford FGX XR8

Both these stunning examples were prepared and coated in paint protection melbourne from head to toe including all painted surface, glass, plastics, rubber seals and wheels – Approx time taken 8hrs x 2 people … With my passion to continually push the limits of clarity, gloss and detail all for the love of the job – I am George Bayios

Ford has returned the V8 engine. A 5.0-litre supercharged Boss powerhouse unit and Melbourne Mobile Detailing was lucky enough to engage with 2 x FGX XR8 sedans this week both dressed in winter white and now wearing a coat of arms like no other, Paint protection Melbourne … This is what happens when Ford put passion on the line and we are here to protect it

To match the performance of the sporty sedan, the FG X XR8 features front Brembo four-piston caliper brakes and rear single-piston caliper brakes, high-spec cooling fan, limited-slip differential, heavy duty battery and sports steering gear.

The following photos were of both XR8 Sedans in white after the application of Autotriz paint protection

The best coating in Melbourne

ford mustang blue

**Exhilarating power

Whether fuelled by gas or petrol, the FG X Falcon’s innovative range of engines can deliver the power you’d expect from a large car, with the fuel costs and CO2 you’d expect from a smaller one

**Smart technology

The FG X Falcon is the most technologically advanced and intuitive Falcon ever made. With state of the art connectivity features, an innovative and instinctive colour touch screen, and cleverly laid out command controls, you’ve got everything you need to control comfort, climate and communications.

**Kinetic design

With a new updated design, the FG X Falcon continues to offer customers a choice of luxurious sleek style with the G-Series range and sports performance style with the XR range.

**Precise handling

Falcon was the first Australian-built car to be awarded a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. So it’s not surprising the FG X Falcon continues this tradition. With side curtain airbags and dynamic stability control, working hand in hand with its exceptional handling capabilities, it’s designed to keep you and your family safer than ever.

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Paint protection Melbourne – Mercedes S400 L

Mercedes-Benz S400 – The benchmark in luxury sedans

With the application of the best paint protection by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

A masterpiece of motion

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has since quite a while ago prided itself on being the world’s most progressive auto. Crosswise over seven eras more than 62 years Germany’s leader vehicle was the first Mercedes to have a fold zone (1959), non-freezing stopping devices (1978), an airbag (1981), and steadiness control (1995)

It’s not an auto, it’s a day spa on wheels. The new S-Class’ expanded its aptitudes at evading an accident because of six radar shafts, eight cameras and 12 stopping sensors – and the capacity to smooth out potholes before you hit them – has been dominated by a “hot stone” back rub capacity for the two front seats.

Seat massagers are not new but rather the super Mercedes takes it to new levels, with a “hot stone” capacity that warms areas of the seat at up to 55 degrees Celsius. The 14 air chambers in each of the two front seats can be modified to offer up to six unique sorts of back rub, one of which is called “workout”.

Notwithstanding the warmed and cooled seats, there are presently warmed arm rests accessible, to run with the Business Class leaning back seats that accompany safety belt airbags (not a world initial, a Ford in the US pipped Mercedes at the post).

They supplement the warmed and cooled container holders. Also, a cooling channel and ionizer that claims to offer asthma sufferers by enhancing some assistance with airing quality inside the lodge by 15 for every penny.

There are additionally four distinct sorts of aromas incorporated with the aerating and cooling – which the organization cases won’t leave a fragrance on your garments or overwhelm the new-auto smell – despite the fact that Mercedes-Benz fought the temptation to join Lexus with an implicit lotion.

Auto circuit testers may be in for a stun attempting to get their head around the S-Class’ 734 wiring tackles, 2400 wires and 5km of links – driven by 144 PC control units. It is the first auto on the planet without a routine light; rather it has 500 LEDs. The phone, route, sound and TV “telematics” framework is controlled by 30 million lines of code – and there is a discretionary 24-speaker, 1540-watt sound framework.

Before you laugh at such car abundance, it’s significant that extravagance autos in the long run drive new innovation into reasonable vehicles.

Mercedes paint protection melbourne

Paint protection Melbourne – Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V, paint protection Melbourne

HR-V … A magical Honda for wherever you’re going

Both vehicles recently had the application of paint protection in Melbourne by George from MMD

George 0421943227

Following photos were taken by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

Whether it be close, far or even some place unrealistic, the Honda HR-V is made for wherever you’re going. A conservative SUV that needs to take you puts, it components everything from a 7-inch shading touchscreen Display Audio framework, to a multi-edge switching camera, Magic Seats and the sky is the limit from there.

It may be conservative in size, yet the HR-V is colossal in style. Packed with rich Daytime Running Lights, shrewdly shrouded back entryway handles and a shark blade receiving wire sneaking up top, this is one smooth, cunningly outlined vehicle.

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Wonder about the practical virtuoso of Honda’s Magic Seats. With 4 modes and 18 diverse seating choices you can rapidly transform your conservative SUV into a Goliath stockpiling unit.

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Mini Cooper paint protection Melbourne

Mini Cooper New car paint protection Melbourne

Following photos are of the Mini Cooper S after the application of the very Best paint protection in Melbourne

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The Cooper S five-door brings small but worthy practical gains over the three-door without noticeably detracting from its good-time qualities. Perhaps this respondent is just getting old but – even with its premium and even in a domain where practicality isn’t crucial – it would have to be the logical pick of the pair.

The new Scirocco R is the ultimate combination of style and speed Paint Protection Melbourne image 21

YouTube player

It’s fair to say, too, that the S five-door stacks very favourably in the wider hot-hatch sense. It’s much too good to be dismissed without serious consideration, though the presence of tempting, no-less talented alternatives in its class (Renault Clio RS 200) and beyond (VW Golf GTI) means some buyers at this budget will justifiably end up doing just that

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic coatings for all our customers paint protection needs, because we know and have proven that it is the best product on the market offering unmatched gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance with multiple 5 star reviews with customers many years after application coming back with their new cars and referring friends and family onto our services

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 Mini cooper best paint protection melbourne

What is car paint protection?

Ever wanted to know what car paint protection is and how it works??

Paint protection is the made up of various chemicals and a brief explanation of a few of their chemical make up follows

We choose to use Autotriz nano ceramic paint protection

For a variety of reasons although its important to understand that each brand has its pros/cons and there is no perfect option out there but more about having the trust in your applicator that they are using the very best products for your vehicle

new car paint protection

Silica Coating consist of four chemicals – Silicon (Si), Siloxane (H(OSiH2)n OH), Silane (SiH4 ) and Silazane(a silicone compound), once formulated they become Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and they are marketed under various

Read more about paint protection options here

brand names:

an inorganic silica/silicon dioxide

 an inorganic silicate crystallization compound

 an inorganic solvent-based nanostructure coating (except for Si3D which is a matrix coating)

 polymer-based (SiC) carbide ceramic coatings

So now you know some of the chemical ingredients what does this mean to you?

Nothing really if the preparation isnt done right prior to the application of these products

Regardless of which product you choose to have applied on your vehicle just be sure to make the right choice in applicator and have faith in what he/she applies

Coatings work if applied and done properly

Visit my blog to read more about nano ceramic coatings and to help you make an educated choice for more information on your new car

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MotorClassica and its show grounds by Melbourne Mobile Detailing

MotorClassica – Concours d’Elegance

Melbourne Mobile Detailing was once again invited to offer its services at this stunning event

With more than 500 vehicles in plain view inside and outside the building, Motorclassica is Australia’s chief occasion for uncommon and colorful, memorable, vintage veteran excellent and collectible autos and cruisers.

Contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing was once again offered the opportunity to cover the car event detailing and paint protection services in Melbourne

Motorclassica will return for its 6th occasion in 2015, to be arranged again at the famous, legacy recorded Royal Exhibition Building, from 23 to 25 October.

With more than 500 vehicles in plain view inside and outside the building, Motorclassica is Australia’s chief occasion for uncommon and colorful, memorable, vintage veteran excellent and collectible autos and cruisers. Festivity marques for 2015 incorporate 50 years for the Supercar, 50 years of Dino, 50 years of Shelby Mustang, 70 years of MV Agusta and 50 years of the Bugatti Club Australia.

The bellow photos where captured by Melbourne Mobile Detailing at this years MotorClassica event

We choose to use Autotriz ceramic coatings – Which we believe is the best new car paint protection for all our vehicles and if you would like to also have such great product applied to your car then contact Melbourne Mobile Detailing

One of just two Australian occasions named in the prestigious International Historic Motoring Awards, the Australian International Concours d’Elegance, brings exceptional, uncommon, alluring and important gatherer autos and cruisers from around Australia and the World in a three-day festivity of exemplary motoring. Together they contend in an assortment of show classes, all at last competing for the pined for ”Best in Show” grant.

In 2015 Motorclassica will commend 50 years of the Supercar, 50 years of Shelby Mustang, 50 years of Dino, 50 years of the Bugatti Club Australia and 70 years of MV Agusta.